VoipCheap Free Download For Windows PC

VoipCheap is a small application program that provides VoIP (Voice-Over Internet Protocol) capabilities for making Internet phone calls directly from your Windows PC. Get VoipCheap Free Download program that manages VoIP tasks, search & backup the contacts, send SMS, and record call history. You can make calls to any mobile phone from anywhere for free or at discounted rates. Additionally, you also get a free VoIP-In number where people can call you from mobile phones anywhere. 

VoipCheap Free Download Overview:

After the VoipCheap program is downloaded on your Windows PC, it comes with a user-friendly interface with multi-tabbed options. The multi-tabbed options include start, contacts, dial, phone to phone, SMS, and history where you can easily switch between the features. VoipCheap needs an account to be created by providing a username, password, e-mail address, mobile number, and country. 

VoipCheap For Windows Download supports many countries for making free calls or within less charge. You can also customize the profile by providing detailed information and uploading a picture in any format. Additionally, you can also check the bandwidth speed, configure audio devices like a microphone or speakers, and record the audio.

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VoipCheap Free Download manages your contacts in its database through an e-mail address, login name, or full name or by typing country name, phone number, and it displays all the contacts for making a call. You can also send scheduled messages or SMS to a particular number.

The VoipCheap application shows the notifications when some contacts come online and make phone calls and lets you enable or re-assign hotkeys, runs the utility at Windows startup, forward calls, and allow incoming calls when you are talking to someone else. Moreover, VoipCheap offers you a list of 37 countries where you can make free calls and also provides very less charge to call the rest of the countries in the world that are not on the list. So, make free internet calls at no cost with VoipCheap!

VoipCheap Free Download Key Features:

  • VoipCheap will help you to do free calls and send messages from your computer.
  • It supports phone to phone calls and also calls directly from the browser.
  • Besides, you can quickly search and backup the contacts.
  • The program offers free calls or discounted rates call the facility to some countries.
  • It comes with a multi-tabbed layout with various options and supports 37 countries for making free calls.
  • You can also configure audio devices and check the bandwidth speed.

VoipCheap System Requirements:

  • It also supports all Windows OS all versions
  • File Size: 48MB for installation
  • Processor: 300MHz CPU or Later 
  • CPU Type: 512 MB RAM or more

VoipCheap is the free call program with several features and makes it easier to manage your calls with your friends and family, reach new people, get an answer to your questions, and many more. Click the below download button to get the VoipCheap software for Windows PC. 

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