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AnyDesk for Windows helps users to connect to other devices through remote control and also allows users to transfer files. A remote control access tool can be useful for personal use as well as professional use. For instance, you can connect your laptop to your home computer and solve the issues by using your mouse and keyboard. Moreover, you can also explain to the other person while operating their PC. Professionals could use it to connect with their clients and explain the project by sharing their screen. The utility tool for Windows also provides lots of features for its users.

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How to Use AnyDesk for Windows PC?

To use AnyDesk remote access software, you need to install the software on both devices first. As you run the software on your device, you can see a unique ID number that helps you connect to other devices. To watch the other computer’s screen, you need to enter their unique ID number in the given space and click on connect. To share your screen with other devices, you need to pass your unique ID number, and they shall enter your ID to be able to view your display.

While connecting or sharing your screen with others, you can set permissions and allow other users to hear the sound, take control, use clipboard content, and block keyboard & mouse. You can enable the other user to access your computer if you are using the program to solve any system problem. But while explaining a task to other users, you can only enable the sound so that other users cannot take control of your PC. You can also change the permissions in the middle of the sessions using the icons. 

AnyDesk for Windows Images, AnyDesk for Windows Pictures, AnyDesk for Windows Screenshots, AnyDesk Free Download Photos

AnyDesk for Windows Key Features:

Whitelist and Blacklist:

The program allows you to whitelist and blacklist people using their unique ID. The blacklisted users won’t be able to connect to your Windows PC again. The whitelisted users can directly connect to your device at any time without even using the password. You can add all your home computers to the whitelist that will help you connect quickly at any time.

Files Transfering and Clipboard Synching:

The file manager tool allows users to share the files easily either by browsing or by using the drag & drag method. Moreover, you can also share the content using the clipboard, if you allow the sync clipboard option. For instance, you can copy a file, text, or any data, and the other person can paste it on their computer because the program syncs your clipboard with theirs. 

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Multi-Platform Support:

AnyDesk free download is a Multi-Platform software. Therefore, you can connect and share your Windows PC screen with any other device, including Android mobile, iPhone, and even mac computers. You can easily access your home computer from your mobile and transfer files from PC to mobile and vice versa in no time. 

Multiple Connections:

The Professional Version of AnyDesk for Windows PC lets you connect to several devices. For instance, the manager can share his screen to explain a project to all the employees easily while sitting in his cabin. 

AnyDesk for Windows Images, AnyDesk for Windows Pictures, AnyDesk for Windows Screenshots, AnyDesk Free Download Photos


You can decide what permission the other user should have while sharing the screen, such as show/hide mouse cursor, mute sound, disable keyboard & mouse, block file manager, stop clipboard sync, hide system information, and much more.

Quick Connect and Auto Discover:

The program automatically scans all the AnyDesk users on local networks, which will help you connect to them easily with a single click. Moreover, the desktop sharing tool allows you to add contact shortcuts to the desktop that will help you connect quickly.

Auto-connect after restart:

AnyDesk even allows you to restart the remote desktop, which is necessary while installing some software. Most of the remote desktop software for Windows disconnects as the system restarts, asks you to enter the Id and password to connect again. But AnyDesk v5.4 automatically reconnects you as soon as the system restarts.

Custom User ID or Namespace:

As you open the software, you can notice your ID is a random nine-digit number, which is hard for others to remember. Therefore, the Professional Version of AnyDesk for Windows lets you make your custom ID using available numbers or your name. You can even use your company name as the domain while creating a namespace for multiple users like user1@companyname.

More Features of AnyDesk v5.4 for Windows 10/7:

  • You can add all the connected IDs to your Address book for easy access.
  • The program also allows you to print through the remote device. 
  • The system information icon shows all the hardware and software details of the remote computer/device.
  • AnyDesk for Windows saves all your sessions in its log, which will help you review the date and time.
  • While viewing other’s desktop, you can also choose to record the session or take screenshots, which will be helpful to review.
  • The software uses TLS 1.2 technology, which is the banking standard encryption technology that protects your data from third parties. 

System Requirements to Download AnyDesk Download:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/XP (32&64-Bit)
  • Processor: Dual-Core Processor or Better
  • RAM: 1 GB Memory
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB of free disk space


Anydesk is the best desktop tool for Windows that lets you control other devices remotely and share your screen with several devices. The tool provides lots of premium features, such as file transferring, clipboard syncing, custom IDs, address book, desktop shortcuts, and much more. Moreover, it is safe to use the software and share your screen with others as the software is encrypted with the TLS 1.2 technology that shields your data. The software also allows you to set permissions, blacklist users, and use password protection for your safety.

You can download Anydesk v5.4 for Windows 10/8/7/XP (32/64-Bit) by clicking on the link provided below.

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