Apowersoft Apowermanager Free Download for Windows PC

Apowersoft Apowermanager is a Wireless file transfer tool between mobile and Windows PC, which is free to download and has lots of other features besides transferring files. The Apowermanager Free Download tool is compatible with the modern versions of Windows OS such as Windows 7, 8, and 10.

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Are you still using your data cable to connect your Mobile to your Windows PC?

While Technology is evolving day by day, Wireless technology is becoming more popular and being utilized more and more like Wireless chargers, Wireless headphones, and now Wireless transferring as well. Apowermanager is considerably the most used Wireless File Transfer Application, though there is an alternative to connect your Android or iPhone through the cable as well.

You can Preview your pictures, play audio, and video files using Apowermanager’s built-in Media Player, and you can also transfer files between mobile and Windows PC with easy drag-drop process.

How you can connect your Mobile to Windows PC using Apowermanager:

There are two modes of connecting the mobile to your PC using Apowermanager, which is by Cable or by Wi-Fi. You can effortlessly connect through the cable you got with your charger, or you can connect through Wi-Fi by verifying your device with the QR Code using the Apowermanager Android App.

Apowermanager Free Download Images, Apowermanager for Windows Screenshots, Apowermanager for PC Pictures, Apowermanager for Windows PC Photos

It displays the files in an organized manner so that the users can find it manageable to process with their work quickly rather than wasting their time understanding the interface. Besides your images and videos, you can also view your Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files on the bigger screen.

Apowersoft Apowermanager Free Download Key Features:

Backup and Restore:

This is the most important and most used feature of Apowermanager because, with this feature, you can Backup and Restore your data with one click. Using this software, you can backup your contacts, messages, notes, bookmarks, photos, and much more. At the same time, you can also restore them with a click.

Screen Mirroring:

You can connect your Android to the Windows PC and watch previews of your pictures, videos, etc. You can also mirror your screen to Laptop or even a projector using Apowersoft software. If you use the Wi-Fi connection method, then you can sit in your room and mirror the screen to a projector in another room, which is fantastic.

Built-in Photo Editor:

The Apowersoft Apowermanager Free Download software also contains a photo editing tool. By this, you can even edit your photos by adding effects, text, mosaic, filters, emojis, and lots more basic editing tools like crop, rotate, flip, blur, etc. You can even collage your photos by using your favorite multiple images. It’s more pleasant and comfortable to edit your images on PC than on your small screen mobile phone.

System Requirements for Apowermanager for PC:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/ 8/ 7
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 256 MB or above
  • Storage: 200 MB Free Space or more
  • Publisher: Apowersoft

Apowermanager for Windows Conclusion:

Apowermanager Free Download has all the tools and features you need to manage your phone. It connects quickly to Windows PC and lets you transfer files, contacts, and other data just in minutes depending on your internet speed and size of the file. One feature of Apowermanager for Windows which I didn’t mention above is that when you can connect your device, you can send messages by typing on your keyboard. The best feature among all is to transfer files wirelessly with a simple drag & drop method, which I found to be very convenient and beneficial.

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