Audiggle (Song Identifier) Free Download for PC

Audiggle works in a similar fashion to the mobile applications Shazam or SoundHound. Audiggle is a music identification application that runs on all Windows operating systems. Audiggle also provides detailed information about the song like the name of the artist, year,  and the lyrics.

Colorful Interface

Audiggle holds a very easy to use interface. The File Menu in the upper left corner lets you access the Settings and your Audiggle account. The search button used to identify music. Press the green button and wait for some time while Audiggle searches for the music and then you have all the info about the song on the screen.

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Audiggle Identifies any music

With a single mouse click, Audiggle is able to provide the title of the song and its artist. It can be the background music to your favorite TV show, or in a movie, or any other. Even if the source isn’t perfect quality, Audiggle will still able to identify the track for you.

Audiggle supports Multiple languages

If you considered Audiggle can identify only English songs, you were wrong. Audiggle can recognize the audio data throughout the world and provide you with the necessary details.

Download directly from the app

With every song you search for, Audiggle provides links to the iTunes Store and Amazon store. So you can download the song in seconds. Audiggle also lists nearby and upcoming performances by the artist. It also provides links to the tickets for the concerts and performances. Audiggle also allows the users to post the info about the music they are listening to on Facebook or Twitter.

Audiggle free! (Well, almost)

Downloading Audiggle is free, but users need to create a free account to use it. With the free basic Audiggle account, users earn five credit points. With these credit points, you can search for any tracks you want. But for users with a basic account, the maximum number of queries per month is limited to 5. If you want to search for more songs, you have to go Pro.

Audiggle is an easy-to-use application, that lets you identify almost any song, download music, and search for its lyrics.

System Requirements for Audiggle Download for PC:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Press the download button to download the Audiggle software on your Windows device.

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