5 Best Free Password Manager for Windows 7/10 (32/64-bit)

Are you searching for the best password management softwares for your Windows PC and other devices? Want to store and manage all your personal passwords in one secure place? No need to worry because there are numerous free password management applications available in today’s software market with free versions. Among them, choose the best one that must highly compatible with all versions of Windows OS. The main use of this application is to store as well as manage all the sensitive data like passwords, documents, etc. The free password management tool for Windows also helpful for both the business and home-based users to store and manage all their passwords securely.

In this article, we came with the 5 top-best free password management softwares for Windows PC and other devices. So, go through each and every softwares and use them on your computers.

5 Best Free Password Management Programs for Windows PC and Other Devices.

1. LastPass Password Manager: 

LastPass is one of the top best free password management software for Windows PC that mainly helpful for remembering all the passwords. This application permits users to protect all their personal passwords in a secured vault and lock them with a master password. 

Key Benefits of Windows PC LastPass Password Manager:

  • LastPass Password Manager free for Windows has a simple, user-friendly so that both the technical people and non-technical people can easily access it without any effort. 
  • With the help of this application, users can easily keep all their personal passwords and other data secure, private.
  • Moreover, users can automatically login into websites without entering the password and username every time. 
  • Users can also store all their passwords, insurance cards, usernames, memberships, Wi-Fi passwords at the same time to keep all their data safe and simple to get.

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  • By using this program, users can auto-fill payment details, shipping details, and other online payments easily. 
  • The password generator will allow users to create strong, randomized, and long passwords that protect them from hacking.
  • At the same time, users can safely share all their passwords with their friends, colleagues, and family members without any hesitation. 

Click here to Download the LastPass Password Manager for Windows PC

2. Dashlane Password Manager:

Dashlane Password Manager is the most powerful top best password management application for Windows Systems. This software is also available for iOS, Mac, Android devices. No need to worry about interface because all the users can easily access it anywhere, anytime without much effort. 

Dashlane Password Manager for Windows 10 Key Features:

  • With this free password management software, users can easily store all their passwords and other sensitive data such as financial and bank data. 
  • In this, users need to enter login details like password, username whenever they visit the websites. 
  • By using the password generator in this application, users can easily create strong and unique passwords for all their accounts.
  • The best DashlanePassword Manager will highly secure their computer from unauthorized users. 
  • On the other hand, it encrypts all their web activities.
  • Apart from this, users can share their personal passwords with others easily. 

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Click here to Download the Dashlane Password Manager on your desktop computer or Windows-based laptops. 

3. 1Password: 

1Password is the free password management program for Windows PC and other devices. The main purpose of using this application is to save all your personal passwords and log in to websites with the help of a few mouse clicks. 

Salient Features for Windows 1Password:

  • 1Password free for Windows has a simple, user-friendly so that both the beginners and professional users can easily access it without any effort. 
  • This application will keep all your passwords, credentials, notes, documents, and files in a secure state. 

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  • By using this free password management tool, users can easily and quickly share their passwords with their family members and friends within a short time. 
  • Moreover, users can back up all their passwords and other information from their device so that they can access it in the future in case if they lose them due to system failure, and other attacks. 
  • The 1Password will automatically sign you into your favorite websites easily. 

Click here to download the 1Password Free Password Manager on your Windows PC and other devices. 

4. Keeper Security:

Keeper Security free for Windows enables users to store as well as manage all their passwords in one secure area. The interface in this program is easy to use, friendly so that all the users can easily access it whenever they needed for their computers.  

Keeper Security Key Features & Functionalities:

  • With the help of this program, users can manage and share their digital aspects quickly. 
  • The free password management program will give high protection to the user’s passwords from dangerous thefts, hackers, attackers, and many more.
  • Users can also utilize face ID login, fingerprints to log in any time. 
  • Most importantly, it can sync the data between PCs and mobile devices.
  • In this application, all your passwords and sensitive data are stored in the personal encrypted vault. 
  • Furthermore, it works on the most popular devices like Windows PC, mobiles, etc. 

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Click here to get Keeper Security Free Download for Windows 10/7

5. Sticky Password: 

Sticky Password Manager for Windows used to store all their master passwords in a secured location. The users can easily log in to various websites automatically. Mainly, it works great with all the common devices like Windows PC, MacOS, Android, and other iPhone devices. Similarly, it supports popular web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other browsers. 

Sticky Password manager, Sticky Password manager Images, Sticky Password manager Screenshots, Sticky Password manager Logos.

Sticky Password Manager Free Download for PC Key Features:

  • By using this best free password manager, users can keep their credit card numbers and PINs safe in a particular area. 
  • Users can also protect all their licenses, secrets, passwords, and other essential documents with this program. 
  • The free password vault will create super-strong passwords for their accounts whenever it is needed. 
  • Moreover, it also works great even on memory cards and USBs.
  • In this, users can grant, manage, and remove access to their online accounts to others by setting the permissions. 

Get Sticky Password manager on your Windows PC

System Requirements for Free Password Manager:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10(Both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Internal Memory: 512 MB required or above
  • Hard Disk Drive: 1 GB hard disk space needed or above 

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