Top 10 Best Free Proxy Sites list 2018-19 to Access Blocked Sites

Proxy Sites or mostly known as Proxy Servers, specially designed to provide access to the World Wide Web. A proxy site provides services to the client by taking the requests and seeking resource to the client. The question might be striking to your mind why do we need a proxy site? Yes, the answer is very simple it needs to help you access the Blocked sites. Upon request for a site that blocked on the Internet, it can easily fetch the service and hides your identification. And finally, it allows you to surf anonymously. Not only the blocked websites but also the files, web-pages, and much more resources serve from different requests from clients.

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Blocked sites are those websites which are temporarily blocked or prohibited by autocratic bodies or any regulatory institutions. The Websites are blocked due to various reasons like due to inappropriate contents, nature of the contents or the subject of the contents that may be immoral and offensive to the users. Like in colleges or schools there are certain rules and regulations to follow while using the Internet, so they block all the sites that may cause any harm and even social networking sites too. In companies, many sites are blocked for the same reason and any violation of the rules can cause many problems. But Proxy sites manage to unblock all the websites and rightly display the page without any issue or any problems.

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Proxy sites help to create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that helps you to hide the IP address of your computer to surf anonymously and also unblock the sites that are blocked or prohibited. Proxy sites use various protocols to package and transfer the data across any network. Some protocols like PPTP, VPN, IPSEC, and SSL. In the year 2019, there are some best free proxy sites listed to access blocked sites are developed and designed in such a way to support all types of devices including mobile phones, tablets, and computers. In order to set up or change network connections.

Top 10 Best Free Proxy Sites list 2018-19:

  1. Firstly, click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. After that, Select Settings.
  3. Next, Click Show advanced settings.
  4. Finally, in the “Network” section, click Change proxy settings.

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The top 10 best free proxy sites list 2018 to access blocked sites are:-

1). Filter bypass is a free proxy site that allows you to surf the Internet anonymously and unblocks all the social media sites by bypassing the firewall options on your system. You can enjoy video streaming on youtube, daily motion and also surf facebook or twitter easily. It works for you and website and uses a particular server to unblock the sites by hiding your IP address.

Filter by pass site, Filter by pass image, Filter by pass screenshot, Filter by pass proxy site.2). Proxy Turbo is different from others as it uses block script to keep away the snoopers and lets you visit the proxy confidently. It provides web proxies like Tor browser that is free and easy to use. The Tor browser in Proxy Turbo helps you to browse anonymously and open any website using SSL (secure socket layer) connections.

Proxy Turbo site, Proxy, Proxy Turbo image.3). Hide my ass is a free proxy site that helps you to browse privately online on any secured or non-secured networks from any location. It supports many other devices that unblock the restricted sites and allows accessing your favorite sites. The VPN service it provides can be used on mobiles, tablets that secure your download from any source. It also provides customer support service for any queries.

Hide my ass proxy, Hide my ass imahe, Hide my ass screenshot.4). Unblock my Web is a free proxy site and widely used that helps you to unblock various sites and access the web-pages easily. It is also free and lets you surf anonymously over the Internet. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many other sites can unblock in just a few clicks. Just enter the site you want to access in the Unblock my web search box and let it do the rest.

Unblock my Web proxy, Unblock Web, Unblock my Web image.5). New IP now shows the IP address of the website you visit. This allows using the list of IP addresses available in New IP now a proxy site to manage the web identity. It helps you to browse the web anonymously from any part of the world. The URL encryption scheme secures the data flow across any network that you connected.

New IP now proxy, New IP now image, New IP, New IP now screenshot.6). Fast proxy network is a free web proxy site allows you to bypass the filter options and allows you to browse freely by hiding the IP address of your computer. It has the ability to unblock any network connections to provide you easy access to any websites. It has its own server that filters the URL’s and fetches the requested web-page from you.

Fast proxy, proxy network, Fast proxy network, Fast proxy network image.7). Proxify helps to browse anonymously and confidently by hiding your IP address. The encrypted connection feature prevents the monitoring of your network traffic. It completely dedicated to providing online privacy and security through a unique Proxy system.

Proxify proxy, Proxify image, Proxify screenshot.8). Incloak is a type of proxy site that provides the best security to your e-mail accounts, passwords by encrypting all the data. It can unblock any ports or websites that blocked even before. It supports major devices other than Windows like Android, iPhones and also allows the same features.

incloak proxify, incloak image, incloak proxy image.9). The web tunnel, a free web-based PHP proxy site that has all the features like anonymity while browsing online, bypass the firewall options and helps you access the blocked sites from any location.

The web tunnel proxy, The web tunnel image, web tunnel.10). Don’t filter is a free anonymous website blocker and an online privacy tool that allows you to access all the websites without knowing the system admin or network admin. There are lots of options available in Don’t filter to click them and enjoy all the services to be secure and safe all the time.

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These are some best free proxy sites list 2018 to access blocked sites. You can use them to enjoy anonymous browsing and unblocking all the websites in any company, colleges etc.

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