Dashlane Password Manager 6.1918.0 Free Download

Download the latest version of Dashlane Password Manager 6.1918.0 on Windows XP to Windows 10 devices for free of cost.

What is meant by Password Manager & why you need it?

Password Manager is software that stores all your sensitive information like passwords and PIN numbers in an encrypted vault. In this digital world, a single user is holding multiple online accounts such as Facebook, Flipkart, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, and others. In order to access these accounts, you need to provide authenticated usernames and passwords. Here comes the problem that is remembering all these login credentials is not so easy. Sometimes, you may forget the passwords/usernames or wrong type the details, and this leads to blockage of your accounts. To solve this problem, the developers are designed the password management tools. This free password manager will take care of all your confidential data like passwords, PIN Numbers, Account numbers, credit/debit card details, usernames, including the personal details such as name, address, contact numbers, etc. At the same time, it safeguards private information from various spying attacks.

Why Dashlane Password Manager 6.1918.0?

Due to the vast importance of password managers, many software companies are developed these password management tools. Some of the popular programs are LastPass, KeePass, RoboForm Password Manager, Trend Micro Password Manager, etc. But when compared to all these tools, Dashlane 6.1918.0 acquires more priority because the application includes various advanced features for protecting and storing passwords & other privacy-related data. With the help of this free download Dashlane Password Manager, the user can protect their digital life from various types of hacking attempts. The simple and hassle-free user interface of this software allows all types of users to use it very easily. The user can use this password management software in different types of devices such as desktop computers, Smartphone, Mac, and iOS systems. Even the user can add this Dashlane as the extension to various web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.

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Highlights of Dashlane Password Manager Free Download for Windows 10:

  • Password Storage:

It is one of the best tools for storing passwords and other sensitive details like bank and financial data. All this information is stored in an encrypted format so that no hacker or stranger can access your private data.

  • Autofill:

By using this password management tool, the user needs to enter login details every time you visit the same websites because it Autofill the passwords and usernames in the required fields. By this automatic filling, you can save your valuable time and effort.

  • Password Generator:

The accounts which contain weak passwords can be easily hacked by the cybercriminals, so you need to provide strong passwords to your accounts. And for that, the free download Dashlane password manager offers inbuilt password manager tool. With this, you can generate powerful, unique, and hack-free passwords for all your online accounts.

  • Secure Notes and Documents:

In case, if you want to store any confidential data in order to protect from dangerous spyware attacks, then simply store them in this tool using the secure notes feature. You can easily access the data that is inserted in this software.

  • Dashlane Dashboard:

By using the dashboard of this Dashlane software, you can get to know the present status of your online protection. By using this report, you can alter the security settings in order to enhance the protection to your passwords.

  • Web Monitoring:

To know whether your passwords or other data is hacked or misused, the Dashlane Password Manager scans the internet and list out if any password is stolen. Even it immediately alerts the user whenever the stranger accesses your personal data.

  • Wi-Fi Protection:

If your PC is connected to open or unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots, then the Dashlane free download software secures your device from unauthorized users. For that, it encrypts all your web activities until you exit from those open network connections.

  • Share Securely:

Moreover, the Dashlane Latest Password Manager for Windows 10 allows you to transfer the login data like usernames and passwords more securely. By this, you can share your sensitive information with your friends, family members, and others without any hacking attempts.

Dashlane Password Manager System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Faster CPU
  • RAM: 1 GB or Above
  • Hard-disk: 50 MB of free space

How to download & install the Dashlane Password Manager on your PC?

Click the below-mentioned download button to start the downloading and installation part of Dashlane Password Manager on your Windows PC.

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