Way to Disable Auto Loading Images in Chrome and Firefox Browser

Last Updated: 17th April 2018

As we open any website on Chrome or Firefox, it is common that the images are automatically loaded on a web-page. There are few websites where images require a mouse click to open. But most of the websites automatically load the images and opens on the screen. While in office or colleges or any meetings, when you are presenting something from the website, the images can distract their thoughts and you can face a bad experience.

Now I will show you how to disable or the way to disable auto-loading of images in the chrome and firefox browser. There are two ways to disable auto-loading the images either you can manually through settings option or by disabling the extensions or plugins from the browser.

Disable auto-loading of images in Chrome Browser

Step (1)

Chrome Browser Settings, Chrome Settings Screenshot.

Open the Google Chrome browser and click on the menu option on the top-right corner of the application and go to settings option.

Step (2)

Chrome Browser Settings, Chrome Settings Screenshot.

Click on the advanced settings button on the bottom of the settings window.

Step (3)

Chrome Settings, Chrome Browser Settings Image.

After then the privacy option appears just click on the content settings box.

Step (4)

Chrome Browser Settings, Chrome Settings Image, Chrome Browser Image Settings.

Then, at last, the content settings window appears where you check on the “Do not show any images” and click done button to finish.

After that, close all the dialog boxes and you can view the image stops auto-loading.

Disable auto-loading of images in Mozilla Firefox browser

Step (1)

Firefox browser settings, Firefox browser Settings Image.

Open the Firefox browser and click on the tools menu and on the dropdown list click options.

Step (2)

Firefox browser Image, Firefox browser Settings.

As the options window appears, click the content menu and uncheck the “Load images automatically” option. Next, press the Ok button to finish.

Another way in Firefox to disable auto-loading of images

In Firefox browser, you can disable the images using “about config” from the address bar and search for permissions.default.image.

Firefox browser

Double click on Permissions.default.image to disable the images.

Firefox browser, Firefox browser Image.

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