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Last Updated: 28th April 2018

Divx Software is the Multi-Functional Tool used to create Video up to 4k Video quality and also to play online video. Divx Software is the Free Video Player, Video Converter and Media Server for both Windows and Mac Devices with Divx certification have high-Quality Video Formats. Moreover, it gives the best video and Audio Quality for Realistic Movie Experience.

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AAC Audio Output with MPEG 2 Video Format Result with the Excellent User experience. It also facilitates the High-End Video output. There are Millions of Divx Supported Devices available today. Make a Home Theater with Divx Certified devices and Feel the Movie. It is also considered as the File Format which guarantees the High Definition Quality.

Divx Components:

Divx Multimedia Software has four Main Components: Web Player, Offline Media Player, Converter, and Media Server.

It helps to convert the video formats to fit the High-Quality Format. Also, Facilitates the Media Player to play the Audio and Video files. Use Divx as Media Server to Stream all the Media files on any DLNA Supported devices such as XBOX, PS3, Tablets, etc. Moreover, it allows the Web Browser for all Media files Playback from Video streaming Websites Online.

Divx Media Player Features:

High-End Video Technology:

Free Award-Winning Video Playback Technology provided by Divx. Divx Player also supports all Web Media Formats like MP4, AVI, and MKV.

Feel the Big Screen:

DLNA is the Multimedia Feature which allows sharing of Digital Media over the devices. Divx Software allows you to Stream Music, Photos and Video over all the DLNA Supported Devices such as Xbox, PS3, and many others.

Quick Scene Navigation:

Videos which are divided into different formats are easy to navigate. Divx Player creates the Chapter points and allows User to play the Favorite scenes with a quick Navigation.

Organized Playlists:

Choosing Feel Good movies & Songs and creating a Playlist helps to get quick Access to all the Favorites. Now, create Well-Organized List on Divx and Enjoy. It is simple, as well as, easy to manage.

Advanced Sound Tracks:

It is the Special Feature of Divx Software. When compared with other Media Players, Divx supports Audio tracks of Different languages along with Subtitles.

Resume Feature:

Resume the Movie scenes from where you left and track all the scenes with In-Built Playlist Feature.  Jump straight to the Movies with Resumes and Start watching from the same Point where you stopped.

Divx Player Pros and Cons:


Excellent Video Quality

Audio Tracks of Different Languages (Depends on Media Files)

Speed Encoding of Media Files.


High-Quality Templates Distract the Player.

Divx Certified gets the Best Output.

Divx Player System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 32Bit / Windows 64 Bit, Mac OS, Android, and iPhone.

Web Browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox (Windows), Safari, Firefox (Mac OS)

RAM: 256 MB

Disk Space: 220 MB

File Size:  2.3 MB

Download Divx Player Software:

Windows 32 Bit / Windows 64Bit ” 


Mac OS

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