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BullGuard Premium Protection 2020 is known as the best antivirus software for Windows 10/7 with multi-layered protection that protects your device from malware, ransomware, adware, spyware, trojan, phishing, etc. The Premium Protection provides total security for your computer from all kinds of viruses. 

Antivirus is the most essential and most important software to have on your computer. There are multiple ways for a virus to enter your computer, like when you download a file, install software, open links in the email, click on pop-up ads, and more. These viruses can not only damage your computer but can even steal your confidential data. Moreover, when you enter your data on any website, hackers and identity thieves can take it without your knowledge. Therefore, BullGuard Premium Protection Trial not only protects you from viruses but also protects your private information and data from getting stolen or leaked. You can Free Download BullGuard Premium Protection by using the link provided at the bottom of this article,

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BullGuard Premium Protection 2020 User Interface:

The Intuitive User Interface of BullGuard Premium Protection 2020 is easily understandable for new users, and it displays the main features such as virus scan, parental control, firewall, PC tune-up, vulnerabilities, home network scan, game booster, scheduled backup, secure browser, and BullGuard VPN. These features look well organized on the dashboard, and every function has a dropdown menu that has more related tools. Also, each feature show indications such as a green checker icon indicate that your computer is at no risk, and the yellow triangle icon indicates that there are minor issues that you should check. The red icon indicates a high-risk threat that shall be taken care of as soon as possible. Pro users can find advanced tools & options in the Settings.  

BullGuard Premium Protection Trial for Windows Key Features:

Identity Protection:

BullGuard Premium Protection for Windows 10/8/7 provides high-level security for securing your valuable data such as credit/debit card info, driving license info, email address, bank details, phone numbers, and more. The Advanced Machine Learning technology identifies the confidential data saved on the computer and protects it from identity thieves.  

Secure Browser:

You will find Secure Browser shortcut on your desktop after installing BullGuard Premium Protection Trial. The Secure Browser protects your information by using strong encryption methods. Therefore, you should use the Secure Browser while using internet banking, doing online transactions, transferring money, online shopping, etc. You can also use it while filling any personal information/data in an application to protect it from getting leaked. 

Bullguard Premium Protection Images, Bullguard Premium Protection 2020 Pictures, Bullguard Premium Protection for Windows Screenshots, Bullguard Premium Protection Photos, BullGuard Security Software

Next-Gen Anti Malware:

BullGuard Antivirus uses the next-gen anti-malware technology that gives triple-layer protection to your computer, and it continuously scans for malware or any suspicious behavior and immediately quarantines it. Furthermore, it recognizes most websites and applications and warns you when you try to visit any malicious sites and during the installation of harmful software. 

Game Booster:

The security software also has a built-in game booster that starts automatically with the game and stops unnecessary programs that are running in the background so that the game can get most of the system resources for better performance. After using BullGuard’s game booster for Windows, you will notice an increase in 5-10 FPS, but the increase in FPS depends on the computer’s hardware as well. 

Advanced Firewall:

The latest version of BullGuard Premium Protection 2020 has an advanced multi-layered firewall that protects your computer from intruders and unauthorized data transferring from the computer. It provides your downloads with end-to-end protection not only during the download but also before and after the download. It blocks and notifies you if any program is trying to send/receive data in the background without your authorization. 

Home Network Scanner:

The best security tool for Windows has a home network scanner feature that scans and shows all the devices connected to the network. By clicking on the connected device, you can see the device IP and check if there’s any possible vulnerability. Moreover, BullGuard sends you a notification if any new device connects to your network. You can even block specific devices from connecting to your WiFi network. 

Parental Control:

Parental control is only available in the Premium Protection version of BullGuard that allows the users to create multiple profiles. You can make different profiles for different age groups and choose from default presets or create your custom profiles. You can select the categories, add/remove websites using URL, make a schedule for the usage of internet & computer separately, and add/block programs.  

Cloud Integrated Backup:

The free antivirus for Windows 10/7 also provides you a cloud backup service by creating multiple profiles and scheduling on different dates. First, you have to select what file types you want to back-ups, such as Photos, Videos, Documents, Music, Desktop files, and other files/folder that you can choose. Then you have to choose backup location from the given options, which are Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, External HDD, or USB drive. Then you can choose to backup manually or set a repeatable schedule. Finally, you can check/uncheck the options to compress, synchronize, and encrypt the backup.

Bullguard Premium Protection Images, Bullguard Premium Protection 2020 Pictures, Bullguard Premium Protection for Windows Screenshots, Bullguard Premium Protection Photos, BullGuard Security Software

PC Tune-Up:

You don’t have to install separate software for optimizing your computer as BullGuard Premium Protection Trial also provides the users with a PC tune-up tool for optimizing their computer’s performance. As you click the Optimize button on the dashboard, it scans your PC within a few minutes and displays issues related to fragmentation, browser cache, windows cleanup, and more along with the memory you can free by clearing the problems. You will find few more tools by clicking on the dropdown menu such as cleanup helper, duplicate files finder, and boot manager. 

System Requirements to Download BullGuard Premium Protection Trial:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista (32&64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or Later
  • RAM: 1 GB of Memory
  • Hard Disk: 850 MB of free disk space
  • Developer: BullGuard

BullGuard Premium Protection for Windows:

BullGuard Premium Protection 2020 gives your PC overall protection as it provides some unique features to ensure the safety of your computer as well as your personal information. The vulnerability scanner keeps running in the background and notifies you if it finds any suspicious behavior. Besides protecting your computer from viruses using next-gen anti-malware technology, secure browser, home network scanner, and more, it also helps you in optimizing your system by providing tools like PC tune-up, game booster, and scheduled cloud backup.

You can click on the below download links to Download BullGuard Premium Protection Trial for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64 bit) and try all the above features for a period of 30 days.

–>>”Windows 32 Bit“<<–

–>>”Windows 64 Bit“<<–

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