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Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, formerly known as Ulead VideoStudio, is inarguably the best video editing software for Windows 7/8/10. It owns all the features and tools to fulfill the requirements of beginners as well as pros. Corel bought the free to download VideoStudio from Ulead, and they are continually upgrading the video editor by adding new features and tools in every update. Therefore, Download Corel VideoStudio and start enhancing your videos.

Start from scratch or choose from the templates that meet your style. VideoStudio Ultimate has over 2000 effects and filters, and all the features you need to make an excellent video. What makes Corel VideoStudio the most powerful video editor? It has advanced features like split-screen video, multi-cam editing, advanced timeline, speed control, morph transition, audio effects, superior video effects, 3D text effects, and lots more. Moreover, you can export the files to the hard disk drive, or write them on a DVD, or directly upload it to media channels such as Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. You can Download Corel VideoStudio Free by using the link given at the bottom of this page.

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Features of Corel VideoStudio Ultimate for Windows 7/8/10:

Split-screen Video:

Add multiple videos and apply the split-screen video effect using different layouts. Moreover, you can quickly pan & zoom your videos and choose a starting/ending point to show in the split display. You can add effects to specific videos without effecting other videos in the split display. For instance, add the same video twice to split-screen and add different effects like day and night, so it will look like you have recorded the video at different times. Furthermore, you can edit the multi-cam videos using the split-screen and edit/merge/mute the sounds.

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Transition Effects:

VideoStudio Ultimate has the most number of transitions compared to any video editors, plus most of the transition effects are unique and well arranged in the library. You can see the preview in the transition library, so you don’t have to go through a long process of applying each transition to see its effect. The most anticipated transition effect added in the new version of Corel VideoStudio is Morph Transition. This feature intelligently identifies two videos and apply a morph effect to make it look like a continuous video.

Effects & Filters:

Make use of over 2000 premium effects and filters that will take your video to the next level. You can apply effects from ProDAD, NewBlue FX, and Boris FX to enhance your video and give it a movie feel. By using these FX effects, you can modify color, correct lens distortion, apply lens glare, transform the day into night, and much more. Furthermore, you can add multiple filters on different areas of a single video using layouts.

Audio Effects:

Adding suitable audio is also essential for making a good video. Users can add music from the free library or add their custom music to the background. You can even mix the background sound with your voice using the built-in recorder. The newly added audio ducking feature is useful to lower the background music and increase the audio at specific points of the video. Furthermore, you can apply fade effects, split the sound, mute audio, and more using Corel VideoStudio’s audio editing tool for Windows PC.

Speed Control:

Play with time using the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate and make unique effects with the help of the Time Remapping tool. It allows you to create time-lapse, slow-motion, reverse, freeze, replay, fast forward, and more. Moreover, you can apply these effects to a particular scene or clip in the video without modifying the entire video. Also, the slow-mo and fast forward speeds are easily adjustable with the help of a simple slider.

Eye-Catching Text Effects:

You can also create Intro titles, Credits, and Subtitles using Corel VideoStudio for Windows. Add graphics, transparency, overlays, and enter/exit animation effects to your text. Choose from the default text library, import text styles, or make your fancy text. Make 3D text, fill it with solid color, gradient, textures, or add shadow, offsets, animations, and more. Add text masks over videos that will move along the video using the motion-tracking feature. Furthermore, the proDAD hand script effect makes your text look like its handwritten.

Enhanced & Customisable Motion Tracking:

As you Download Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Latest Version, you will notice that Corel has enhanced and improved the Motion tracking feature and added the feature to make Custom Motion Tracking. Now the motion tracking feature works more efficiently and accurately, plus you can also create custom paths for titles, video, graphics, shapes, and overlays.

Color Correcting:

Import your previous color settings using .lut file (Look-up-table) or make your own using the advanced color tools from VideoStudio Ultimate for Windows (32/64-Bit). When it comes to color correction, Corel VideoStudio has the most extensive collection of tools like saturation boost, shiting colors, tone curves, brightness, waveform scope, and much more that enhances your video.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Images, Pictures, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate for Windows Screenshots, VideoStudio Video Editor

Multitrack Timeline:

You can combine elements using free Corel VideoStudio with an unlimited number of music, videos, and photos. The timeline is very interactive as it allows the dragging & dropping option to add new files or move the elements already added to the video timeline.

Basic Video Editing Tools:

Even though it a professional video editing tool for Windows, Corel VideoStudio also has the necessary tools for quick editing like trim, crop, stabilize video, correct lens distortion, and more. You can perform these basic editing tasks within a minute with the help of new customized controls. Moreover, you can even customize the icons on the dashboard and arrange it according to its usage.

More Video Editing Tools:

There are even more video editing tools in Corel VideoStudio, such as lens correction tool, which removes fisheye effects and distortions from your video. 360-degree editing with a special preview panel that allows you to view the video from different angles to make editing much more comfortable. Simultaneous recording feature lets you to add a layer of Webcam recording over screen recording.

System Requirements to Download Corel VideoStudio Free:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7 (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel i3 or Later
  • RAM: 4 GB MB Memory or Higher
  • Video Card: 256 MB VRAM or Higher
  • Hard Disk: 4 GB of free disk space (Minimum)
  • Developer: Corel


Download Corel VideoStudio, which is a professional video editing tool that works well with both beginners and advanced users. It is proficient for any editing, from basic editing like trimming, cropping, color correction to pro editings like split-screen editing, multi-cam editing, lens distortion, motion tracking, speed control, and much more. Moreover, the understandable user interface with customizable icons helps the users to perform the actions much faster.

Click on the below download links to Download Corel VideoStudio Ultimate for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64 bit):

–>>”Windows 32 Bit“<<–

–>>”Windows 64 Bit“<<–

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