Download KidLogger (Parental Control) Free for Windows PC

KidLogger is the most powerful parental control software for Windows PC and other devices. This application allows users to know how long their children are working on their laptops or PC. Moreover, this free parental control tool supports many devices like Windows PC, Android, and MacOS devices. Download and install KidLogger free that highly compatible with all versions of Windows OS such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and other older versions. Similarly, it works great with both the 32, 64-bit editions.

KidLogger Free Parental Control Tool for Windows 10/7 Overview:

If you are a professional or novice users, looking for the best free parental control application for your devices. Then, KidLogger is the right choice to highly manage, supervise, and protect your child device with the few mouse clicks. KidLogger has an exhaustive set of functionalities and features to perform your tasks within less time. The interface in this program is easy to use, friendly so that everyone can easily access it without any effort. The free parental control application for windows runs in the background and highly protected with a password so that, children will never notice that their parents are monitoring their internet in the hidden mode.

Furthermore, this will ensure that their child doesn’t engage with others or open harmful websites that are unfit for their age. In the same way, this parental control tool also monitors local USB drives so that their children can’t open suspicious folders and files and avoid harmful infections. This free parental control is available for many devices like Androids, Linux, MacOS, IOS, Blackberry, and other devices. In this, users can check their children’s devices at any time with no trouble. The free parental control tool for Windows will regularly set limits to manage all the children’s online activities.

Moreover, it automatically protects their child from dangerous content, videos. By using this program, parents can easily monitor the time spent on social networking sites and other online sites like WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, and YouTube. So, if you want this KidLogger free parental control on your PC or laptop then, click on the below-mentioned download button at the end of the article as early as possible. Install this application on their children’s device and register online. All the data activities on the devices will transfer to this application server and later save as a journal. In this, users can view report data and activity journals in their online account at any time, anywhere utilizing the web browser.

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Below are some more advanced features and functionalities of KidLogger Free Parental Control.

KidLogger Download Free for PC Key Features & Functionalities:

  • KidLogger Free Parental Control has a simple, user-friendly so that both the technical people and non-technical people can access it anywhere, anytime
  • The main use of this program is that all the parents can quickly manage, supervise, and protect their child’s devices regularly.
  • Moreover, parents can protect their children against the increasing number of dangerous online issues such as screen addiction, harmful content, Cyberbullying, and many more.
  • This application will monitor internet usage as well as log all the visited websites like Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.
  • Furthermore, it enables parents to know about their child that how much time they are spending on the internet.
  • In the same way, users can log all the external hard disk drives, USB flash drives, and other devices connected to the computer.
  • On the other hand, this free parental control software includes Keylogger features that enable users to view keystrokes and texts that entered on the systems.
  • Apart from this, this KidLogger will also record the text copied into the Windows.
  • The screen capture tool that includes in this software will enable users to capture and record desktop screen, and they can view them online.
  • Similarly, it also records the names of the folders and files that their children open regularly.
  • It monitors messengers and chats logs on tracked devices. And, it makes the screenshots during the Skype video chats for every 15 secs.
  • At the same time, users may also schedule all the email reports from every device.

KidLogger for 32/64-bit System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 2000, 20003, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (both 32, 64-bit editions)
  • Hard Disk Drive: Intel Pentium or later
  • Internal Memory: 1 GB RAM or above
  • Hard Disk Drive: 100 MB free disk space needed or above

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Conclusion for Windows KidLogger:

All in all, KidLogger is the free parental control application for Windows Systems. This application allows parents to get all their children’s online activities within less time. Moreover, this program supports several languages like Polish, Dutch, English, German, etc. so that users can choose their desired language for easy understanding. By using this free parental control software, it will automatically delete log history.

At last, we recommended users to download and install KidLogger free on their device that supports all versions of Windows OS.

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