Download Norton 360 Deluxe Free Trial for Windows

Download Norton 360 Deluxe to defend your computer against harmful malware and protect your data from getting stolen. It is one of the best antivirus software for Windows because of its multilayer real-time threat protection. 

The first thing you need to do after a new PC is installing an antivirus program. When a virus invades your computer, it damages your valuable data and steals your private information. A Virus can enter your Windows PC in several ways like when you download movies, songs, softwares, or games from the internet, or while browsing malicious websites. It can also enter your PC even while transferring files from other infected computers through removable drives (Pen drives, CDs, DVDs, etc.). Therefore, it is wise to Download Norton 360 Deluxe Edition and protect yourself from hackers and identity thieves.

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Besides providing antivirus protection, the Deluxe Edition of Norton 360 for Windows offers lots of tools and features like free VPN, password manager, cloud backup, smart firewall, parental control, power erase, startup manager, safe cam, and more. Moreover, you can install the Norton 360 Free Trial on up to five devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Norton 360 Deluxe for Windows Key Features:

Real-time Threat Protection with Live Update:

The antivirus software starts protecting your data as soon as you Download Norton 360 Deluxe and install it on your Windows PC. The Live Update feature makes sure you got the latest virus definitions to protect your PC from new threats. Norton also monitors the software program and solve potential performance issues and program errors. The antivirus software uses advanced artificial intelligence & machine learning technology that detects malware by its activities and blocks it immediately. Norton 360 Deluxe for Windows protects you against all kinds of threats such as spyware, ransomware, adware, Trojan, rootkits, worms, viruses, and other malware.

Secure VPN:

Norton 360 Deluxe Edition also includes a free VPN for Windows, which helps you protect your identity while you are surfing the internet. Hackers found a way to trace your online activities and get your information by using your system IP address. An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is your system’s identity number, which is visible to all the websites you visit. Therefore, you can use the VPN (Virtual Private Network) service by Norton Antivirus, which will hide your original IP address and disguises it with a random IP from other corners of the world. You can also use the VPN service to access Geo-restricted content and websites. 

Password Manager:

As most users can’t remember all their typical passwords, they store their username, email IDs, and passwords in a Notepad or Word file. But it is not safe to store your passwords without encryption, as hackers or other users can steal them easily. So, you can Download Norton 360 Deluxe that provides a free password manager to store your passwords safe.

You can save login information, addresses, credit/debit card details, and notes. The password manager asks you to provide a master password to protect the vault. You can further turn off the browser’s password manager. Furthermore, antivirus software integrates the password manager in all your web browsers, which helps you save the login information quickly. 

Download Norton 360 Deluxe Images, Download Norton 360 Deluxe Pictures, Norton 360 Deluxe for Windows Screenshots, Norton 360 Deluxe Photos, Norton Antivirus

Startup Manager:

The free internet security software for Windows (32/64-bit) helps you manage the startup programs. Some programs start with Windows to work correctly, like the audio manager, firewall, antivirus, etc. But having more programs in the startup list causes Windows to boot slow. Therefore, you can check and remove unnecessary applications from the startup programs list by using the startup manager tool to boost Windows boot-up time. The startup manager shows the list of programs and allows you to remove useless programs from the list. It also gives users an option to delay the startup program instead of removing it.

Dark Web Monitoring:

Dark Web is a part of the internet where hackers and identity thieves buy and sell the information collected from various users. You cannot access the dark web using your regular web browsers or through the Google search engine. Therefore, you can Download Norton 360 Deluxe that monitors and searches the dark web and notifies you if it found your information such as email ID, credit card number, etc. Hence, you can immediately change or block the email ID to protect your data from getting stolen.

Advanced Scan:

The program lets you perform a quick scan, full system scan, custom scan, or custom task. While the quick scan option only scans the vulnerable areas for possible malware threats, the Full System Scan will scan your entire hard disk. You can also scan specific files, folders, or removable devices with the help of the custom scan option. You can also run the custom task scan, which will optimize the disk and clean all junk files. We recommend you to run a quick scan immediately after you Download Norton 360 Deluxe and install it on your Windows PC.

Norton Security Toolbar:

As you Download Norton 360 Deluxe, it integrates a toolbar to your web browser. The security toolbar shows you if the website/webpage you are visiting is safe or harmful. The toolbar also contains some useful tools that are password manager, share via Facebook, safe share, and secure URL. With the help of the password manager tool, you can easily save your login details to the vault. You can also share the webpage on Facebook or other social media platforms securely and quickly with a single click. The safe search bar does not save your search history to protect your privacy. You can also disable the Norton Security toolbar in the web browser’s extensions.

Download Norton 360 Deluxe Images, Download Norton 360 Deluxe Pictures, Norton 360 Deluxe for Windows Screenshots, Norton 360 Deluxe Photos, Norton Antivirus

Password Generator:

Norton Antivirus also provides a password generator for its users. As you click on the password generator option, it opens up a webpage in your web browser and asks you to set a few parameters to create the safest password. You need to specify the length of the password, and you can also choose to include/exclude letters, numbers, and special characters. You can click on the refresh button until you find the required password. The password generator also tells you whether it is a weak or strong password based on your specified values. You can generate a password of length between 4 to 64 characters.

Cloud Backup:

Norton 360 Free Trial offers a Cloud Backup service to store your files safely on their server. Besides a virus attack, there are other factors, which cause data loss, such as hard disk damage, operating system failure, unexpected power loss, and more. Therefore, you can store your most important files on the Norton Server. You can also schedule the antivirus software to automatically backup your selected files. The standard edition of the software only offers 10 GB of cloud storage, so you can Download Norton 360 Deluxe, which provides 50 GB of cloud storage.

Optimize Disk:

The Disk Optimizer by Norton 360 Deluxe scans all your drive partitions for disk fragmentations and defragments them automatically if the fragmentation percentage is more than 10. You can click on the view details options to see the optimization process details.

Download Norton 360 Deluxe Images, Download Norton 360 Deluxe Pictures, Norton 360 Deluxe for Windows Screenshots, Norton 360 Deluxe Photos, Norton Antivirus

File Cleanup:

The free antivirus for Windows 10/7 also includes a file cleanup tool that scans your entire hard disk for junk files, leftovers, temporary internet explorer, chrome, and Windows files, and deletes them automatically. You can click on the view details option to see the number of junk files deleted and the amount of space freed. 

Parental Control:

Norton Antivirus for Windows also offers a parental control tool that helps you restrict usage for your children. You can set the usage limit by time and block access to inappropriate websites. You can also deny your children from accessing specific applications and folders that contain crucial files and projects

Even most companies use the parental control feature to restrict their employees from accessing entertaining websites during work hours. Besides blocking and limiting the usage, the software also monitors and give you details of the web pages visited. Moreover, it also shows the GPS location of the user, which helps parents to track their children’s mobile devices.

Safe Cam:

Cyber-criminals can also hack and access your webcam and microphone without your knowledge, which endangers your privacy. Norton Antivirus 360 guards you against spyware as it detects and blocks any unauthorized access to all the audio and video devices. It also prevents the installed applications from accessing your audio and video devices and sends you a notification. You can choose to allow or deny the programs from accessing your webcam and microphone.

Performance Graph:

Norton’s performance graph shows the events, CPU usage, Norton usage, and more in a graphical view. The Events tab shows the monthly history of downloads, installations, alerts, threats detection, and quick scans performed. Whereas the Usage tab shows CPU usage, Norton usage, and Memory usage for the selected time. It also indicates that Norton Antivirus uses very fewer system resources compared to other programs.

Download Norton 360 Deluxe Images, Download Norton 360 Deluxe Pictures, Norton 360 Deluxe for Windows Screenshots, Norton 360 Deluxe Photos, Norton Antivirus

Norton Power Eraser:

Norton Power Eraser is a powerful virus removal tool that uses aggressive methods to find and delete viruses, which the standard antivirus couldn’t. It also helps users to detect and remove PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Norton Power Eraser is a paid standalone program, but you can get if for free if you Download Norton 360 Deluxe Edition.

Smart Firewall:

The Smart Firewall feature by Norton Antivirus monitors all the incoming and outgoing traffic and blocks suspicious activities. Norton Smart Firewall works as a barrier to protect your critical data from getting transferred without your authorization. While some softwares send your usage details to improve the product, other third-party applications can send your private information and other activities. 

So, the Firewall monitors and blocks if it found any suspicious activities and notifies you immediately. You can then choose to allow or deny the application from connecting to the internet. You can also add programs to the exclusion list to give it full internet access. Some users even use the firewall to block the cracked version of the softwares from connecting to the internet. 

Task Scheduling:

By default, the program runs the scans automatically, but you can choose to run the scheduled scan weekly, monthly, or manually. It also allows you to select the tasks for the scheduled scan. You can select all the tasks to optimize the disk and remove the chrome, internet explorer, and Windows temporary files. You will find the task scheduling option in the settings menu.

Security History:

The security history option shows all the activities performed by Norton Antivirus along with its status, severity, date, and time. You can sort and filter the actions by scan results, resolved security risks, quarantined files, internet access, and more. You can also export the reports in MCF or TXT file format. 

Download Norton 360 Deluxe Images, Download Norton 360 Deluxe Pictures, Norton 360 Deluxe for Windows Screenshots, Norton 360 Deluxe Photos, Norton Antivirus


After scanning and detecting threats, Norton 360 Deluxe for Windows moves the infected files to the quarantine, which will prevent them from infecting other files. It also shows the virus type and its severity (risk) along with the confined date and time. Users can examine the infected file and choose to restore it to its location or delete it permanently. You can also exclude the infected file from scanning, or you can also send it to Symantec for further investigation.

Administrative Settings:

Technicians will find all the advanced options in the settings menu. In the settings menu, you can set custom rules for the firewall, add files/programs to the exclusion list, customize scan settings, enable/disable the smart firewall, activate the silent mode, manage administrative settings, and more. 

System Requirements to Download Norton 360 Deluxe Free Trial:

The antivirus software by NortonLifeLock Inc. is not compatible with Windows XP and Vista. As it does not require much system requirements, you can Download Norton 360 Deluxe even on a low-specifications computer. 

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7 (32&64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 512 MB Memory
  • Hard Disk: 300 MB of free disk space

Conclusion of Norton Antivirus Free Trial for Windows:

In Conclusion, the antivirus software uses advanced multilayer real-time protection, which identifies any threats and blocks them immediately. Besides providing high-level security against malware, the software also offers other tools to optimize your PC, such as file cleaner, disk optimizer, smart firewall, Norton power eraser, parental control, password generator, startup manager, a startup generator, cloud backup, and more. It helps you protect your identity and personal information by using tools like dark web monitoring, secure VPN, safe cam, password manager, etc.

You can click on the link offered below to Download Norton 360 Deluxe Free Trial for Windows 10/8/7 (32/64-bit).

–>>”Windows 32 Bit“<<–

–>>”Windows 64 Bit“<<–

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