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You can play all media formats on your Windows PC using multimedia players like VLC media player, 5KPlayer, and SMPlayer. But you cannot play them on other devices like Mobile Phone, Television, Playstation, DVD Player, and others because these devices are compatible with only certain types of file formats. Therefore, you need to Download VSDC Free Video Converter to convert your videos into the required file format and make them compatible with all devices.

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VSDC Free Video Converter Latest Version offers a wide range of file formats, so you will definitely find the required file format that is compatible with your device. You can also convert a video to reduce its size by modifying the resolution, bitrate, frame rate, etc. For instance, you do not need a 4K video for your mobile as your mobile has a small screen and 4K videos will take a large amount of space on your device. Therefore, you can change the resolution of the video while retaining its file format so that you can have more free space on your device. 

VSDC Free Video Converter Latest Version Features:

Convenient User Interface:

The user interface of the best video converter has well-arranged tabs on the top with export options at the bottom and a small preview window on the right. You can either click on the device tab and pick a device or click on the Format tab and select a file format. Clicking on the Show information button at the bottom right will show detailed information of the selected file, such as height, width, framerate, bitrate, aspect ratio, codec, duration, frequency, audio channel, and more.

Join and Split Files:

You will find the options to join or split videos in the additional settings section at the bottom of the user interface. To merge all the videos in the list into a single video, you have to check the option Join files to single. VSDC converter also allows you to split the selected file by checking the Split file option then selecting the size from the drop-down menu. For instance, if you want to burn a large video file to several compact discs, you can pick the size as 690 MB, and the converter will split the video into multiple parts.

Built-in Video Editor:

The free video converter for Windows also allows you to edit the video file before converting. As you select a video and click on the Editor option in the menubar, it will open up a separate video where you can perform basic editing. The editing windows have a few buttons on the upper side and right side with a preview window in the center. You can quickly add markers and click on the Cut Region button to delete the scene/part of the video. You could also remove multiple areas by clicking on the Add area of the deletion button on the right. Moreover, you will also find options to Export Audio and take Screenshots.

VSDC Free Video Converter Images, VSDC Free Video Converter Pictures, VSDC Free Video Converter for Windows Screenshots, Download VSDC Free Video Converter Photos

Disc Burner:

The video converter also provides a burning ROM for Windows PC, which you can access by clicking on the disc burner Tab in the menubar. Selecting the DVD burning options will only allow you to add DVD video files to the disk, whereas, you can add any content to the DVD by selecting the Data burning option. You can easily add folders/files to the burner by clicking on Add files or Add folder options, then click on Burn disc to commence the process. 

Fast Conversion:

Download VSDC Free Video Converter by videosoftdev that utilizes your video card to accelerate the video conversion process. Moreover, it uses high-quality video processing algorithms that help in retaining the video/audio quality even after reducing the size.

Select Audio Track from Multi-Audio Video:

As some videos/movies are multi-audio, most of the video converters choose a default audio track while converting the video. Whereas, VSDC Free Video Converter v2.4 provides a drop-down menu containing all the audio tracks of the video, from where you can pick the required audio track.


To change the properties of the file, you can either select a profile from the profile drop-down menu or click on the Edit Profile. By clicking on the Edit Profile, you can create new profiles or edit/delete existing ones. The profile editor allows you to modify the resolution, video codec, width, height, aspect ratio, bitrate, audio codec, frequency, channel, and audio bitrate of the video.

System Requirements to Download VSDC Free Video Converter:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32&64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III or Later
  • RAM: 128 MB Memory
  • Hard Disk: 20 MB of free disk space


In Conclusion, it is the best converter for Windows PC as it offers an extensive range of file formats as well as necessary video editing tools to crop, rotate, join, and split video files. Moreover, you can also burn CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs using the software.

Download VSDC Free Video Converter Latest Version for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32/64 Bit) by using the download link given below.

–>>”Windows 32 Bit“<<–

–>>”Windows 64 Bit“<<–

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