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Are you worried about your privacy while surfing the internet? Want to browse and transact online banking safely and securely by avoiding hacking techniques? Are you interested in installing the top-best VPN software for hiding your online identity? Then, here in this article, we are providing the popular security software, and that is F-Secure Freedome VPN. Yes, the F-Secure Freedome VPN Free Trial Version is one of the best security software for Windows devices to surf the internet by hiding your online identity.

F-Secure designed many security products, and one among those security products is this F-Secure Freedome VPN software. This free VPN software helps in hiding your IP address to protect your privacy while browsing the internet. For that, it connects your PC to remote servers, which are located in different parts of the world. When your PC connects to these servers, it allocates a temporary IP address to your PC. By this, it becomes impossible for the hackers to hack and steal your private digital data and money. You can also download Free Hide IP VPN Download for Windows.

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To download the F-Secure Freedome VPN Free Trial on your personal computer, then immediately click the download button provided at the bottom of this content. And when it comes to operating systems, the F-Secure Freedome VPN is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. At the same time, the free VPN software for Windows PC is available for both the 32-Bit and 64-Bit processors.

Want to know more about the F-Secure Freedome VPN? Then go through the below features section.

Advanced Features of F-Secure Freedome VPN Free Trial Version:

Privacy Protection

The main goal of this F-Secure Freedome VPN Free Trial is to protect privacy from various spying eyes, cybercriminals, and online intruders. For that, it hides the device IP address and assigns the temporary IP address to your PC. Even the internet service providers can’t trace out your IP address and can’t know what you’re searching on the web. Read More: VyprVPN for Windows 10.

No Web Records

When you use other VPN software, they store all your web history and sell it to some other third-party companies. If this happens, then it becomes the biggest threat to your privacy. But when you use this F-Secure Freedome VPN, it will not store any web history or records and does not give a chance to the hackers to trace what you did on the web.

Access Censored Web Content

With the help of this F-Secure Freedome VPN for Windows, you can open and access the censored or restricted or blocked websites. Even the user can access the geo-restricted websites using this VPN software.

Wi-Fi Protection

The F-Secure Freedome VPN Free Trial for Windows also helps when you connect to the public or open Wi-Fi hotspots. It encrypts your network connections and does not allow unauthorized users to access your private files. We Recommend TorGuard VPN Free Download.

Safe Web Browsing 

More importantly, the F-Secure Freedome VPN blocks all the infected or fake websites and allows you to surf only through secure and certified sites. Moreover, this VPN software blocks all unwanted or unsponsored ads or promos.

Safe Online Banking

Apart from the above features, it also helps at the time of performing banking transactions. It blocks the fake bank sites and allows the user to access and transact through the bank’s original website. By this, you can safeguard all the essential data such as account numbers, passwords, usernames, credit card details, and other financial data.

UI Design

The user interface of this F-Secure Freedome VPN is simple and smooth that allows all types of users to use the software very easily. Also, take a look at SurfEasy VPN for Windows 10.

Cross-platform software

The F-Secure Freedome VPN is compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

F-Secure Freedome VPN Technical Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-Bit)
  • Processor: 1 GHz or Faster CPU
  • RAM: 1 GB or Above
  • Hard-disk: 80 MB of free space
  • Developed by: F-Secure

Click the below-provided download button to download the F-Secure Freedome VPN on your Windows PC or other Windows devices.

Click here to get direct link to download the F-Secure Freedome VPN Trial Version for Windows.

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