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Last Updated: 29th March 2018

FreeRip MP3 Converter Free Download Introduction:

FreeRip MP3 is windows Application software that used as a fully Audio converter i.e. from CD tracks to MP3 and also supports many more formats. This popular software which used to worldwide by many users as it downloaded free. And it also supports popular formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, and FLAC. It is totally free Application with lots of other functions that make it more useful.

As we know there is a number of MP3 converters available in the market and some are providing dual formats like video and audio format. But FreeRip MP3 Converter is only MP3 Converter that only supports audio formats. CD Ripping processor CD to MP3 conversion process done here by converting the CD audio collections to digital audio by using FreeRip MP3 converter Application. There is one Rip button just by clicking the whole process goes on. It not only converts MP3 to other audio formats but also one format to another. Like WMA to MP3, WAV to MP3, OGG to MP3, WAV to FLAC and so on. It supports high-quality digital audio; FLAC audio format widely used and supported by audiophiles. It also supports CD-Text and online CD-Database to retrieve information automatically. And also a short-cut menu that helps you find images, video, and information about CD or tracks.

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This Application allows the user to Rip multiple audio tracks and turn them into a single track, allows to converts multiple book tracks to a single volume. And you can add information such as lyrics, band name, lyricist and more to your audio tracks. There have been a lot of demands of this mp3 converter these days as many users are using to for mixing the song which is also possible for any functions, parties etc needed. Images are also inserted to your favorite audio tracks so that it could make hallmark that it is created by you.

The Interface is very well designed and the latest version of FreeRip MP3 Converter is now available in two ways. FreeRip MP3 Converter Basic is completely free and has limited features in it as compared to FreeRip MP3 Converter Pro which has all the features which are a paid version.

Features of FreeRip MP3 Converter includes:

  • It has a new Burn Audio CD option that used to burn different audio tracks. And it also saves it all supported formats
  • It also has integrated play-list generator like M3U, PLS, B4S, HTML that used to generate any audio tracks conversion
  • Whereas, it also has an Audio player for tracks review
  • It is easy to use with some discoverable features and support multiple languages
  • It retrieves all information’s from CD Database online
  • Moreover, it also supports ID3 v1 and v2 for tagging purpose
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