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GOM Player Latest Version is one of the best media players for Windows. The integrated codecs help users to play all kinds of media files. Developed in 2003, GOM Player has become one of the most used multimedia players for Windows. 

The media player offers a customizable user interface and also allows users to play HD, 4K, as well as 360-degree videos. GOM Player also enables you to customize default hotkeys and assign mouse gesture operations. Moreover, it can play damaged and partially downloaded files. It also allows you to increase/decrease the playback speed, and modify the audio/video settings. The GOM Remote App helps you control the playback with the help of your phone.

GOM Player Latest Version User Interface:

GOM Player Latest Version has the same user interface as its older version, which is simple, easy to understand, and convenient for its users. You can further change the player’s skin and color theme. GOM Player Free also provides you with options to change the default resolution of the interface as well as the player’s logo. 

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The user interface contains title bar on the bar, a large screen, and a few playback control buttons at the bottom like play/pause, stop, next, previous, subtitle finder, open file, playlist, capture snapshot, and control panel along with a volume bar and seek bar. Shuffle and repeat buttons are available in the playlist window. The control panel button contains audio, video, subtitles, playback, and more settings. You will find the preferences option in the title menu, which includes all the advanced settings. You can also right-click anywhere on the user interface to access all the files and features. 

GOM Player for Windows 10/7 (32/64-Bit) Key Features:

GOM Remote:

One of the highlighted features of the GOM Player Latest Version is GOM Remote Control. Users can download GOM Remote App from Google Play Store and control the GOM Player on their Laptop or Desktop Computers by using their mobile phone. The GOM Remote app lets you toggle fullscreen, capture snapshot, access playlist, change audio, show/hide subtitles, alter playback speed, and more. It also allows you to use basic controls like play, stop, pause, increase/decrease volume, play next/previous track, forward, rewind, and more. Note that you need to connect both devices with the same Wi-Fi network to be able to use the remote control.

Play Damaged and Partially Downloaded Files:

The free media player for Windows lets you play broken and damaged files from CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. The player is also capable of playing partially downloaded media files. Therefore, you can play the media files while downloading to watch a preview and decide to continue the download or abort it.

360-Degree Video Support:

GOM Player Latest Version has added support for 360 degrees videos. Now you can play VR videos on your computer screen with convenient playback controls. The feature does not work on Windows XP, but you can play it well on later versions of Windows. You can click and drag the mouse on the screen to view the 360-degree videos, and you can also use the arrow keys in the keyboard to move around.

GOM Player Latest Version Images, GOM Player Latest Version Pictures, GOM Player for Windows Screenshots, GOM Player Photos, Free Media Player

Subtitle Finder and Editor:

While watching a foreign language movie on your PC, you don’t have to search for subtitles on several websites, as GOM Player Latest Version offers a built-in feature that helps you find the appropriate subtitles quickly and conveniently. You can click on the subtitle finder button in the control buttons section and click on subtitle search. As you click on the subtitle search button, the player will take you to its subtitles webpage and shows all relevant results. The media player also lets you change the subtitles font style, size, color, background, and position. Moreover, it also allows you to adjust the subtitles to sync with the video.

Advanced Capture:

The media player offers an advanced capturing tool that helps you capture snapshots from the video with some advanced settings. You can select the output format, ratio, and quality of the image. You can also use the burst capture options, which will capture several snapshots continuously at given intervals. Moreover, you can enter the number of snaps to capture, and also set the captured picture as your desktop background image.


You can repeat/loop your favorite song or scene from a movie by using the A-B Repeat option. You will find the A_B Repeat option in the playback sub-menu in the right-click context menu. It is also easy to use, as you need to select the option, then select the starting and ending point of the scene, and the player will keep playing the scene/song repeatedly until you stop it. 

Customize Mouse and Touch Shortcuts:

By default, the player lets you increase/decrease volume by scrolling the mouse wheel, play/pause video by clicking on the screen, and toggle fullscreen with the help of double-click. GOM Player for Windows not only allows you to redefine the mouse control but also lets you add new operations. You can assign shortcuts for actions like for speed control, show/hide playlist, forward, rewind, next track, previous track, and more. Laptop users can further define operations for touchpad gestures, like tapping with two fingers will toggle fullscreen, sliding your finger in the left/right direction will play previous/next tracks, and more.

GOM Player Latest Version Images, GOM Player Latest Version Pictures, GOM Player for Windows Screenshots, GOM Player Photos, Free Media Player

Custom Hotkeys:

GOM Player for Windows lets you assign keyboard shortcuts for more than 50 commands. By default, the program assigns hotkeys for most of the actions such as capturing snapshot by pressing the C button, toggle fullscreen by F button, change audio language, show/hide subtitles, and more. But it also allows you to change the default hotkeys and assign new ones. The time jump option lets you forward/rewind the video by using the specific hotkeys.

Control Playback Speed:

You can also control the video/audio playback speed by using GOM Player for Windows 10/7. It allows you to slow down the video up to 0.2x and speed it up by 12x. The option is accessible from the GOM Player Control Panel.

Adjust Video & Audio Settings:

GOM Player Latest Version allows users to edit audio and video settings in its control panel. You can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation of the video as well as modify the audio with the help of an equalizer. You can either select a preset frequency or tune the frequency manually. 

Playback Video Settings:

Under the Video sub-menu, you will find options to change the playback video settings such as aspect ratio, zoom in/out, pan, and more. You can also rotate the video 90-degrees clockwise/anti-clockwise as well as flip it horizontally or vertically.

GOM Player Latest Version Images, GOM Player Latest Version Pictures, GOM Player for Windows Screenshots, GOM Player Photos, Free Media Player

Supports All Media File Formats:

GOM Player Latest Version can play all types of media files, including HD, 4K, and 360-degree videos. The player automatically downloads required codecs from its servers in case any media file is not playable. 

Continue Playback:

The free video player for Windows PC lets you resume previously stopped videos. For example, if you close a video in the middle due to any work and play it some other time, the player continues the playback from where you left. You can also resume the playback from CDs and DVDs. There is also an option to disable this feature in the playback menu in settings.


The free media player by GOMLab stores playback history and logs of previously played media files for users’ convenience. But you can choose to keep your activities private by deleting your playback history, turning off history, and hiding the recent folder. 

System Requirements for GOM Player Free Download:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32&64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 2 GB Memory
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB of free disk space

Conclusion of GOM Player for Windows:

Overall, it is a freeware multimedia player that is easy to use and provides lots of options for its users. With built-in codecs, improved user interface, and the ability to play all kinds of media file formats, it has become an excellent alternative for VLC Media Player for Windows.

Click on the below-provided button to Free Download GOM Player Latest Version for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32/64-Bit).

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