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Download Guardian Internet Security Free for Windows to secure your computer and your valuable files from viruses, hackers, and other malware. It is the Best Internet Security Software that supports all versions of Windows and is compatible with both 32 Bit and 64 Bit architectures.

Why Choose Guardian Internet Security Free Download for your PC?

An Antivirus is an essential program to have on a Windows PC to keep it safe. As the internet is the primary cause of virus attacks and data leaks, it is wise to install Internet Security Software. Therefore, we recommend you to Download Guardian Internet Security Free. It is reliable and powerful security software that protects your PC from all kinds of online threats.

The Guardian Internet Security not only protects you from Viruses but also Ransomware, Adware, Rogueware, Phishing, Trojan, and other threats. Besides the internet, viruses and malware can enter your PC through USB drives. Therefore, the Free Security Software scans the USB drives as soon as you connect them and blocks any malware from entering your computer.

Moreover, Guardian Internet Security offers several features like Auto-silent mode, Firewall, Browsing Protection, DNA Scan, Data Backup, and more. It also provides lots of tools such as Anti-Trojan, Adware protection, USB Protection, Email Protection, Hijack Restore, and Track Cleaner.

You can Download Guardian Internet Security Free for PC by using the link provided at the end of this article. The installation process is easy, as you need to follow the instructions given on the setup page. Below are all the features offered by the Internet Security Software explained in detail.

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Guardian Internet Security Key Features:

User Interface:

The user interface of Guardian Internet Security Resembles Quick Heal Internet Security Software as the same organization developed both these Security Softwares. Guardian Internet Security has a well-arranged user interface so that it is accessible by both non-technical and professional users. The dashboard shows your computer status and recommended actions, along with the most used tools. You will find more tools and options in the tools menu at the upper right end of the dashboard.

Ransomware Protection:

Ransomware threats are getting common these days, where hackers gain access to your important files, documents, or whole computer and demand a ransom to decrypt the controlled files. Once the Ransomware gets control of your PC or folders, there is no other option to pay them to retrieve your data securely. Therefore, you can Download Guardian Internet Security Free that uses Behavior Detection Technology to be able to detect and block Ransomware in real-time. 

Data Backup:

The Free Security Software helps you keep your files safe by using the free data backup tool. With Guardian Internet Security Free Download, you can backup your essential data to the local drive, external devices, or even on cloud storage.

Auto-Silent Mode:

The newly added feature keeps the users away from distractions while using fullscreen applications like games, designing softwares, C language, developer softwares, and more. Generally, you can turn on the silent mode manually, which will mute/hide all the notifications and alerts so that you can work without any interference. The newly introduced Auto-Silent feature automatically enables the silent mode as soon as you launch any fullscreen application. Note that the security level does not decrease with the 

Multi-Scan Modes:

Guardian Internet Security Free Download offers multiple scanning modes to suit user requirements. Starting with the Quick Scan Mode, which scans for malware and threats in the most vulnerable areas of your PC. The Full Scan Mode scans all the files and folders present your hard disk for complete security

You can run Quick Scan regularly and Full Scan once in a while as the Full Scan may take hours to scan the entire system, whereas the Quick Scan finishes the scan in a few minutes. Moreover, users can choose to scan only the selected files and folders using the Custom Scan Mode. You can also scan removable drives and USB drives from the Custom Scan Mode.

Finally, the last scanning mode is the Boot-Time Scan. As the Antivirus Software is unable to scan, modify, or delete Windows system files while your PC is running, it uses the Boot-Time scan to scan the files during Windows startup.

Advanced Behavior-Based Detection:

With the Behavior-Based Detection, Guardian Internet Security Free Download is able to identify/recognize malware hiding in your Windows PC. Moreover, it immediately quarantines the suspicious files to prevent them from spreading and infecting other files and softwares. 


The Free Firewall offered by Guardian Internet Security monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic and stops unauthorized applications from transferring user data to unknown sources.

Browsing & Phishing Protection:

The Antivirus Program comes with Browsing Protection that prevents harmful and malicious websites from loading while you browse the internet. Moreover, it also identifies fake sites that replicate official websites to steal your personal information.

Email Client Protection:

Guardian Internet Security helps you configure trusted Email Clients and protect you from phishing Emails. It automatically blocks spam and phishing emails from your Email Client.

USB Drive Protection:

The Free Security Software automatically scans your Pendrive, external hard disk, camera, or any other removable device as soon as you connect it through the USB port. It removes infections and prevents malware and viruses from entering your computer.

Rogueware Protection:

Sometimes while installing a program, you might unknowingly install the bloatware applications along with it. While most of these are harmless, there might be some applications that may try to steal your data or damage your files. Therefore, Guardian Antivirus scans as soon as any program is installed on your PC and blocks it if found suspicious. 

Adware Protection:

Adware is not harmful, but it can cause your system to slow down and shows up annoying ads randomly, which can appear in a pop-up window or un-closable window. Moreover, hackers can find a way to penetrate your Windows PC through adware programs. Therefore, Guardian Antivirus offers adware protection that blocks adware programs from installing on your Windows PC.

Spyware Protection:

Hackers try to steal your data and personal information by sending spyware, which helps them access the webcam and microphone. The Security Software monitors all your devices and immediately blocks unauthorized access to any device to protect your privacy.


A Trojan is a kind of malware that enters your computer as a disguised program and starts infecting your files once it enters your Windows PC. The advanced behavioral detection by Guardian Internet Security detects the Trojan and prevents it from entering your PC.

Hijack Restore:

The Hijack Restore tool helps users to restore their default web browser settings after getting modified by malware add-ons.

Track Cleaner:

It is necessary to clean your tracks and browser history to prevent hackers and identity trackers from stealing your data. Though you can clean it manually, using the Track Cleaner by Guardian will save you lots of time and effort.

Self Protection:

Guardian Internet Security has Self Protection activated, which prevents malware from infecting its files and services. It also restricts users from modifying, moving, or deleting the program files. Moreover, you can restrict other users from making unauthorized changes/modifications to the user settings by setting up a password.

Offline Updates:

Though the software automatically updates the virus database when you have an active internet connection. But in case you don’t have the internet, you can download updates from your friend’s PC and install the latest database on your computer. You can download Guardian Internet Security Updates by clicking on the link.

All you need to do is, select the product, OS configuration (32 or 64 Bit), and product version from the drop-down menus to download the latest weekly, daily, or monthly updates. It is also beneficial when you have multiple computers as you can download the updates on one PC and install it on others, which will save your internet data.

System Requirements to Download Guardian Internet Security Free:

  • You can Download Guardian Internet Security Free for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Operating Systems.
  • The Free Security Software is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit configurations.
  • Moreover, it requires a 1GHz or faster Intel Processor with a minimum of 256 MB RAM to run correctly.
  • Also, you need to have an active internet connection to register the product and receive updates.
  • Finally, you should have 750 MB or more free space on your hard drive to install this program.

The Conclusion to Guardian Internet Security Free Download:

I like to conclude that Guardian Internet Security is one of the best security tools for Windows that protects you from all kinds of online threats. It offers lots of tools like Firewall, DNA Scan, Browsing Protection, Anti-Trojan, Adware protection, Ransomware Protection, and more.

Also, the Latest Version of Guardian Internet Security introduces newly added features like Auto-silent mode, USB Protection, Email Client Protection, Hijack Restore, Track Cleaner, and many more. Furthermore, Guardian Internet Security is compatible with Microsoft Security Center and does not cause any conflicts or errors on Windows.

You can Download Guardian Internet Security Free for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32/64-Bit) by clicking on the below-provided link or Download button.

–>>”Guardian Internet Security for Windows 32 Bit“<<–

–>>”Guardian Internet Security for Windows 64 Bit“<<–

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