Guardian Total Security 2020 Free Download

Free Download Guardian Total Security 2020 and secure your Windows PC from malware, hackers, and other types of viruses. It is the Best Total Security Antivirus Software that protects your PC and valuable files from both online and offline threats.

Why do you need an Antivirus Software?

A Virus can cause several problems to the computer, such as preventing Windows from booting, slowing down the system, damaging user files, stealing user data, corrupting other programs, and more. Moreover, a virus can quickly spread between computers through the internet, pen drive, compact discs, emails, and other storage devices.

Therefore, Antivirus has become essential software for Windows PC as it scans and terminates the virus from spreading and doing further damage. It is also necessary to install a reliable Antivirus Program for your PC that can detect and remove the toughest viruses and malware while consuming fewer system resources. Guardian Total Security 2020 Free is one of the Best Antivirus Software for Windows 10/8/7 that provides overall protection from malware, ransomware, adware, spyware, and other threats.

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Guardian Total Security 2020 Overview:

The developers of Guardian Antivirus created three editions of the software that are Guardian NetSecure, Guardian Internet Security, and Guardian Total Security. While the NetSecure and Internet Security Editions focus on protecting the user from online threats, the Total Security Edition aims to provides complete protection to the PC and user data, both online and offline.

Guardian Total Security 2020 uses behavior-based detection technology to identify and terminate new and unknown malware. The Latest Version of this Free Total Security Software offers several features like Auto-Silent Mode, Advanced DNA Scan, Malware Protection, Phishing Protection, Email Client Protection, USB Drive Protection, Adware Protection, Ransomware Protection, Hijack Restore, Self Protection, Offline Updater, Password Protection, and Browsing Protection.

Also, Guardian Total Security Free Download provides some essential security tools like Safe Banking, Firewall, Anti-Keylogger, Data Backup, Data Theft Protection, Sandbox, Track Cleaner, and more. You can Download Guardian Total Security Free by using the links provided at the end of this article. The installation process is easy and completes in a few minutes as you just need to follow the on-screen instructions and continue with the installation.

Guardian Total Security 2020 Key Features:

Simplified User Interface:

Guardian Total Security 2020 keeps the user interface simplistic and easy-to-use so that even non-technical users and beginners can use it without any prior knowledge. The user interface of Guardian Antivirus is very much similar to the Quick Heal Total Security Software as both the antivirus softwares are developed by the same company.

On Guardian Antivirus’s user interface, you can see four menus that are Files & Folder, Email, Internet & Network, and External Drives & Devices. You can also see Settings, Tools, Reports, and Help options on the top-right edge along with a large scan button in the bottom part.

Malware Protection:

Download Guardian Total Security Free to protect your PC from all types of malware, including adware, ransomware, phishing, spyware, Trojan, and other online threats. The Antivirus Program detects ransomware threats in real-time and blocks them before they encrypt your files.

It also blocks unauthorized users or hackers from taking access to your webcam and microphone through spyware programs. Moreover, it holds suspected files in the quarantine where they cannot spread or infect other files/programs. Also, you can examine and restore harmless files from the quarantine or delete them completely.

Auto-Silent Mode:

Guardian Total Security 2020 Latest Version includes Auto-Silent Mode that automatically puts the computer in silent mode when the user launches full-screen programs like games and development softwares. The silent mode hides all the notifications and alerts to prevent interruptions. The users don’t have to worry as it does not reduce the security level.

Browser and Email Client Protection:

The Free Total Security Software blocks and stops harmful, malicious, and inappropriate websites from loading while you browse the internet. Also, the Guardian Antivirus protects your Email Client by blocking spam and phishing emails.

USB Drive Protection:

Malware and Viruses can also enter your PC through pen drive, external hard disk, and other USB drives. Therefore, Download Guardian Total Security Free that automatically scans the USB devices instantly as you connect them to the USB port. It not only prevents the virus from entering the PC but also terminates it from the USB drive as well. 

Data Theft Protection:

The advanced Data Theft Protection feature is only available in the Total Security Edition of the Guardian Antivirus Software. The Data Theft Protection prevents other users from stealing or copying your data to a USB drive. It shields USB ports with a password to prevent unauthorized usage.

Self Protection:

The Self Protection feature keeps Guardian Total Security Software immune to virus attacks. Also, you can secure the program with a password to avoid unauthorized access and modifications.

Offline Updater:

Guardian Total Security Free Download has an automatic update feature to keep the virus database up-to-date. Also, you can download the updates manually from the website and update other computers without an internet connection. It is beneficial when you own multiple computers, as you can download the update once and install it on all other computers, saving lots of internet data. You can Download Guardian Total Security Updates from here.

Safe Banking:

Safe Banking is the newly added feature in Guardian Total Security 2020 Latest Version. You need to enable the Safe Banking feature when making online transactions, online shopping, or payments, as it will prevent hackers or other users from stealing your credentials.

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The Free Firewall by Guardian Antivirus monitors all incoming & outgoing traffic. It also alerts the user and stops the program that is trying to send user information through the internet. 


Keylogger is a kind of surveillance tech used by hackers to record and steal your credentials like credit card number, username, email id, password, and more. The Anti-Keylogger detects such activities and protects your data from getting leaked.

Data Backup:

Backing up your data is another way of protecting your files, as most of the viruses try to corrupt your data. Guardian Total Security Free Download provides a free Backup Tool for Windows users that help you store your valuable data in local disk, removable drive, or on cloud storage.


Sandbox feature by Guardian Total Security helps you run suspicious apps in a sandbox to prevent it from infecting your OS and modifying system settings. You can also run your internet browser in an isolated sandbox to prevent malware downloaded files from harming your valuable data.

Track Cleaner:

As hackers spy monitor your online activities to find a way to hack you, clearing the traces will keep your privacy safe. It is a difficult task for non-technicians to find and delete the tracks, and even professional users find it time taking process. Therefore, you can use the Track Cleaner by Guardian Antivirus, where you can choose to clear all the traces or selected items with a single click.

System Requirements to Download Guardian Total Security Free:

  • You can Download Guardian Total Security Free for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Operating Systems.
  • The Antivirus Program is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit architectures.
  • Also, it demands a 1GHz or faster Intel Processor with a minimum of 256 MB RAM to work smoothly.
  • The Free Total Security Software requires 750 MB or more free space on your hard drive.
  • Furthermore, you should have an internet connection to register the software and receive future updates.

The Conclusion to Guardian Total Security 2020 Free Download:

In Conclusion to Guardian Total Security 2020, it is one of the best security tools that provides overall protection for your Windows PC. It offers features like Browsing Protection, Anti-Trojan, Auto-silent mode, USB Protection, Adware protection, Ransomware Protection, Email Client Protection, and a Firewall.

The Latest Version of Guardian Total Security Free Download includes tools like Sandbox, Data Backup, Anti-Keylogger, Safe Banking, Track Cleaner, Offline Updater, Data-Theft Protection, Hijack Restore, and many more tools. Moreover, you can install Guardian Total Security along with Microsoft Security Center as it is fully compatible.

Click on the below links or the download button to Download Guardian Total Security Free 2020 for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. The Antivirus Software works on both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations.

–>>”Guardian Total Security for Windows 32 Bit“<<–

–>>”Guardian Total Security for Windows 64 Bit“<<–

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