Icecream Image Resizer Free Download For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Icecream Image Resizer Free Download Introduction:

Icecream Image Resizer is an application designed to give a particular resolution to your images by manipulating the images in various formats. Not only a single image but the whole folder that contains many files can resize easily and quickly in this Application. It’s a Freeware Program available to the user and the Icecream Image Resizer is the latest version. Whereas, it has some more options and functions that help you in many ways.Image Resizer, Image Resizer image, Icecream Image Resizer image, Icecream Image Resizer Download.Icecream Image Resizer Application contains such tools or functions that give your image a perfect size. It supports various image formats like jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, and tiff and resizes it according to your requirements. This Application also offers a Drag and Drop feature to make user easy while resizing the pictures. That also allows dragging the image or the folder we need and Drop down on the list to process. Besides that, it also provides width and height boxes to fill the target resolution you require. Image Resizer does make the image size up to the front by making its resolution low means a 2MB file can resize to 200KB as the user requires.

Features of Icecream Image Resizer For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP:

· Vertical pattern Recognition feature automatically applies the image settings for vertically oriented images that makes resizing of both vertical and horizontal images

· The preserve aspect ratio feature helps to keep the original aspect ratio of the images along with scaling them to fit the inserted sizes

· Preset Resolution feature automatically chooses the image size to resize

Icecream Image Resizer System Requirements:

· It supports Windows platforms like XP/vista/2003 server/7/8 and 10

· At least 512MB RAM required

· 1.6 GHz Intel processor

· 300MB Hard disk space is enough

Download the Icecream Image Resizer and explore the features of shaping the image. As it has many features included to make more convenient for the user.

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