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The PDF (Portable Document Format) was introduced in the year 1990, and now it becomes the most used file format for documents all over the world. Most people transfer docs in the form of PDF instead of a Word file as it is difficult to edit or make changes to a PDF document, but sometimes it is necessary to make changes to PDF documents. Therefore, Infix PDF Editor Free Download Latest Version (7.4) lets you edit your PDF documents as Word Files by providing a similar user interface and tools like Microsoft Word. 

Infix PDF Editor Latest Version offers the most advanced tools for modifying PDF documents, and the freestyle editing dashboard helps you move objects effortlessly by dragging them. Moreover, it provides the users with tools to translate the page in over 60 different languages, convert the document into Word or EPUB, add elements, watermark, password, and more.

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Infix PDF Editor Latest Version (7.4) User Interface:

The user interface of Infix PDF Editor Latest Version 7.4 is similar to the older versions of MS Word. It has a title bar at the top, followed by a menu bar, edit toolbar, standard toolbar, and the text format toolbar. But unlike MS Word, the PDF editor allows you to add, move, remove, and modify the toolbars. To move or align the toolbars, you can use the drag & drop method. You will find the option to add or remove toolbars by right-clicking on the toolbar area. Moreover, you can add and remove buttons from the toolbars as well. The customizable toolbar option makes it easy for the users to edit the PDFs as they can add the most used buttons to the toolbar and remove unnecessary distractions. 

The bottom of the Infix PDF Editor 7.4 contains a navigation bar, which will help you go to the first/last page, previous/next page, and zoom in/out. It allows you to zoom out to 12% and zoom in up to 2400%. You will also find horizontal and vertical rulers that will help you adjust and align the elements in the document. 

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Infix PDF Editor Free Download Key Features:

Text Editing:

The software provides the most advanced editing tools for editing your PDF documents. You can not only rotate, resize, reorder, and crop the pages but also extract selected pages into a new PDF document. Moreover, it provides freestyle editing that helps you move, arrange, and adjust elements by dragging with your mouse cursor. You can also easily edit any text on the PDF directly by double-clicking on it. 

Find and Replace option:

Now you don’t have to edit the same word or sentence again and again as you can easily find and replace multiple texts with a single click by using the Infix PDF Editor Free Download. To use the option, go to the edit menu, then click on Find & Replace, or you can use the shortcut key Ctrl + H to open the Find & Replace box. It not only helps in replacing words and sentences but also helps in modifying the font style, size, color, and other attributes. 

Spell Checker:

You can quickly check if all your spellings are right or not by selecting a paragraph or whole document and pressing the key F7 on the keyboard. It will open up a spelling box with a few suggestions for the wrong spelling along with buttons to ignore, ignore all, change, change all, and close. You could also use the spell checker option from the right-click context menu.


The PDF editor for Windows 10/7 can translate your document in over 60 different languages with just a couple of clicks. After you open the doc, go to the Translate Menu, then click on the auto-translate option and choose the required language from the drop-down menu. Moreover, you can select the preview only option to see the result before translating the document.

Infix PDF Editor Images, Infix PDF Editor Pictures, Infix PDF Editor for Windows Screenshots, Infix PDF Editor Free Download Photos

Convert PDFs:

Infix PDF Editor Latest Version did not provide a straight convert option, but you can still convert the documents by using the export option. Go to the File menu and select the option export. You can export all pages, current page, or define the pages to convert, then click on the format button. In the text output drop-down menu, you will find options to convert the PDF document into HTML, plain text, RTF, EPUB, or Microsoft Word document.

OCR Technology:

You can even edit the text of a photo or graph by clicking on it. The free PDF editor for Windows 32/64-Bit uses OCR Technology (Optical Character Recognization), which smartly recognizes the text and easily converts photo documents into digital text with maximum accuracy. Therefore, it even allows you to edit the text on graphical elements like photos and graphs.

Add elements:

The PDF editor allows you to add objects, such as image, video, audio, shapes, ribbons, and more. You can add the objects anywhere in the document just by clicking on it.

Add Watermark:

By using the Infix PDF Editor Free Download by Iceni Technology, you can make your PDFs copyright by adding watermarks. Along with changing the font style, it also allows you to change the intensity of the watermark.

Add Security:

You can secure your PDF documents by protecting it with a password. Moreover, you could also set user rights to make your PDF documents read-only. 

System Requirements for Infix PDF Editor 7.4 Free Download:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (32&64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 512 MB Memory
  • Hard Disk: 15 MB of free disk space


In Conclusion, it is the best editing software for Windows to edit PDF documents. The customizable and friendly user interface that resembles MS Word makes it convenient to edit the PDFs even for new users. You can start editing your PDFs with the most advanced tools by utilizing Infix PDF Editor 7.4

Click on the below link to Free Download Infix PDF Editor Latest Version for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (32&64-Bit)

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