Keynote – New Text Editing Software Free Download

Keynote -Free Text Editing Software Overview:

Getting bored with Notepad and WordPad? Let’s try a new Text Editing Software that is, Keynote. You can create notes with Keynote in hierarchical (Tree) structure.  It is the text editing software same as like Microsoft Word and Notepad. You can use Keynote on your Windows PC. It also supports several media formats. It is a very useful software utility for software developers.Keynote Download, Keynote Free Download, Keynote Download For Windows

Difference between Notepad and Keynote:

Keynote has multiple functionalities than the notepad to make it easy to edit and create the text. Notepad is used for just creating text files but, in the Keynote, you can create multiple text files in One file and also include various fonts. It supports tree structure so you can create the files hierarchically. Notepad doesn’t support media files like GiF, BMP, etc. Keynote will support multiple media formats. In the keynote, you can create tables also, but Notepad doesn’t support table formats.Keynote, Keynote Download, Keynote Free Download, Keynote Free Download For Windows

Keynote Setup for Windows PC:

Firstly, you can need to download keynote for your Windows operating system. Then, click on Keynote Setup file. Afterward, open (.EXE) file and click next, it can show a Popup window, click on continue Button, then select the folder to install keynote. Click on next button, then complete your setup by clicking Finish Button.

How to Use Keynote:              

In the top of the popup window, there are many options like Microsoft PowerPoint and WordPad. You can select from those list of options. If you want to create The New Notes, then you can click on New Button. Moreover, if you want to Insert any picture or any text to your Notes, then Click on the Insert button. If you want to change the Text Format, you can click on the Format Button, and it also shows the Search option for Searching the Notes. You can create Notes for Pictures, as well as, Text.

Keynote Free Download for Windows Salient Features:

  • It is the open-source software & free to use for Windows.
  • Additionally, the free text editor allows you to keep multiple notes in a single file.
  • Keynote is a Rich Text editor which let’s edit the text on text documents by using many tools.
  • You can compress the files by using this best text editing software.
  • The free version Keynote supports multiple languages to satisfy multiple users across the world.
  • By using the text editing tool, you can annotate the text, change the size, font, color and many more.
  • With keynote, you can create tables also.
  • Besides,  it offers you strong encryption to protect your text documents.
  • Also, you can backup your files very easily.
  • With the free Keynote, you can create notes in a hierarchical manner.
  • Configure your files very easily and it supports Html files also.

Keynote System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/7/8
  • RAM: 512MB or Greater.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or Later.
  • Hard Disk Space: At least, 10 MB Needed.

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