Lunascape Browser Latest Version Free Download for Windows 10/8/7

Lunascape Browser Overview:

Lunascape Browser is a mix of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer in terms of features and rendering engines. The Lunascape Latest Version has triple rendering engines and has combined tools of the top three web browsers.

The chrome and safari browsers use the Webkit engine, the internet explorer has Trident engine, and the firefox browser uses Gecko. So Lunascape Free Download integrated all these engines in one and provided a switch button right beside the Lunascape address bar. Moreover, you can use different web engines in different tabs of the Lunascape for Windows.

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You may have encountered an issue where some websites load slowly on Firefox but load fast on chrome and vice versa. Moreover, some sites can be opened only on Internet explorer. It happens because these three browsers use different rendering engines, and Lunascape found a way to integrate all three into one. Even though you cannot use all three simultaneously, but it is easy to switch rendering engines with a button rather than opening another browser. Whenever you are having any problem loading a website, you can easily change the engine and browse the site.

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Features of Lunascape Free Download:

Lunascape Safe Mode:

Safe Mode in Lunascape is similar to that of Incognito Mode in other browsers. Lunascape safe mode is a separate application, and you can use it to protect your online privacy. In this mode, the Lunascape Browser does not save any logs or entered information, so you can utilize this mode without worrying about your Windows PC’s safety.

Cascade View:

Switching to the cascade view allows you to view multiple tabs in a single window. You don’t have to open multiple sessions to see websites side by side, as you can do it using the Cascade view in the Lunascape Browser.

Capture screen:

There is no need for adding extensions to capture your browser screen, as Lunascape has a builtin feature to capture the browser’s screen. You can access this feature from the Window menu and select to take the snap of the displayed screen or entire website as an image.

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Lunascape Browser Images, Lunascape Browser Pictures, Lunascape for Windows Screenshots, Best Web Browser

Advanced Settings:

You can enter the advanced settings window by going to the tools menu and selecting Lunascape Settings. The Lunascape settings are arranged in category wise, and it will take plenty of time for users to go through all the settings. Also, the latest version of Lunascape Free Download has all the features and tools in other browsers, and it is giving its users full access to customize their web browser.

System Requirements of Lunascape Latest Version:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or Later
  • RAM: 1 GB Memory
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB of free disk space
  • Developer: Lunascape

Lunascape for Windows Conclusion:

Lunascape Browser has the fastest loading speed, and with triple rendering engines, you can switch to other web engines if it is taking longer for the current engine to load a website. You can set sites to launch in a particular engine, and when you load a website, the auto-switch engine feature will automatically switch to the assigned web engine. The Latest Version of Lunascape contains more tools than Chrome, IE, and Firefox combined. Despite having hundreds of features, you can download it for free for Windows 10/8/7. You can Free Download Lunascape Latest Version for Windows by clicking on the download button given below.

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