Malwarebytes 4.0 Premium Free Trial Version for PC

As viruses are getting stronger day by day, standard antivirus programs are not able to detect and remove them. Therefore, you need advanced security software that can identify new viruses and eliminate them before they harm your PC and personal files. Malwarebytes 4.0 Premium has a powerful scanning engine that detects even the latest malware by using its AI technology.

Malwarebytes can detect and eliminate all kinds of threats that the standard antivirus program cannot, such as Trojans, rootkits, worms, spyware, ransomware, adware, exploits, and more. The anti-malware program for Windows PC helps users stay protected by removing existing threats and stopping malware and hackers from infecting your computer.

Malwarebytes 4.0 User Interface:

The latest version of Malwarebytes has an improved and simplified user interface compared to the older versions. The interface shows three menus that are Scanner, Detection History, & Real-time Protection. The detection history shows the list of all detected items with date, time, and location along with the quarantined and excluded items list. The scanner menu allows you to scan your computer as well as schedule scans. You can activate and deactivate features like web protection, malware & PUP protection, ransomware protection, and exploit protection in the real-time protection menu.

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The interface also shows a notification icon on the top along with the help and settings icon. You will find general settings, proxy settings, notification options, account details, and advanced security options in the settings menu. Moreover, you can activate play mode by adding full-screen programs to the list, which will hide all the notifications while you are running the fullscreen programs. It also lets you manage protected applications, as you can add or remove Programs from the protected application list. You can also change the manual scan priority and language in general settings.

Malwarebytes Premium Anti-Malware Main Features:

Advanced Scanning Options:

Malwarebytes Premium provides the fastest scan compared to other Antivirus software for Windows. On the first use, you should scan your Windows PC by clicking on the Scan button in the Scanner menu. The software will perform a deep system scan and shows the scan information such as scan duration, the number of items scanned, threats detected, potentially unwanted programs, potentially unwanted modifications, ignored detections, and quarantined files.

You can click on the advanced scanner option below the scan button to get the quick scan and custom scan options. The quick scan will scan only the vulnerable areas of your computer for potential threats, and the custom scan lets you choose the files and folders to scan. After the scan, you can click on the view report button that will show an advanced scan report. The scan schedule tab allows you to schedule the scan, and the reports tab shows the list of previous scans from the last 30 days with detailed information.

Scheduled Scan:

Malwarebytes Premium allows you to set a scheduled scan for a full scan, quick scan, or custom scan. You can choose to schedule the scan daily, weekly, monthly, hourly, on every reboot, or for one time only. If the PC is turned off at the scheduled time, then the program will scan your PC at the next opportunity. You can click on the advanced button to see options such as quarantine all threats automatically, restart the computer for threat removal, scan rootkits, and scan within archives. Moreover, in the custom scan, you can choose the options to ignore or warn for the detection of Potential Unwanted Programs (PUP) and Modifications (PUM). You can add multiple schedules, manage and delete schedules in the scan scheduler list.

Malwarebytes Premium Images, Malwarebytes Free Pictures, Malwarebytes for Windows Screenshots, Malwarebytes Premium Photos

Web Protection:

Internet(Web) is the primary source of virus attacks, so it is necessary to have software that can block incoming viruses. Malwarebytes Free Trial provides a Web Protection feature that can prevent malware and other types of threats from damaging your computer. It blocks harmful websites and notifies you if the program detects any possible danger. The security program for Windows also blocks adware and third-party webpages from opening.

Malware Protection:

Malware (also known as Malicious Programs) are computer programs that are designed to infect your computer and private data. Moreover, malicious programs can even steal your personal and financial data. Therefore, by turning on the malware protection feature, Malwarebytes detects the malware by its activity & behavior and eliminate it before it damages your Windows PC.

Ransomware Protection:

Ransomware is a type of malware program that infects and locks your system until you pay the ransom. The ransomware generally enters your computer through emails and infected websites. Hence, the free antivirus program for Windows prevents the ransomware from entering your computer by blocking infected websites and phishing emails.

System Requirements for Malwarebytes Free Trial for PC:

Malwarebytes Free Trial for PC requires a moderate amount of system requirements that are:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32&64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III or Later
  • RAM: 2 GB Memory
  • Hard Disk: 250 MB of free disk space


In Conclusion, the anti-malware software offers a high level of security for protecting your Windows PC against all kinds of threats such as ransomware, adware, spyware, rootkits, worms, Trojans, and more. The program has an advanced multi-scanning engine that detects the virus by its behavior and immediately sends it to the quarantine folder. You can download Malwarebytes 4.0 Premium Free Trial for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32/64-Bit) by clicking on the below-provided download button.

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