Microsoft Security Essentials 4.10 (64 Bit) Free Download

Last Updated: 1st May 2018

Microsoft Security Essentials Free Download Overview:

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.10 is the free download software that provides real-time Protection for Home and small business PC which safeguards from varied types of viruses like Spyware, Malware, Trojans and other malicious files that are affecting the computers. The Software is free to download from Microsoft website that is simple to install and easy to use and keep you are entire computer free from virus.Microsoft Security Essentials runs quietly and efficiently in the background so you can do other work the program doesn’t interrupt your work. Whereas, this Program can easily download in windows operating system for 64 bit. Microsoft Security Essentials Provides constant virus protection and also resident protection for free. You can also try the top free antivirus software for windows.

Microsoft Security Essentials 2017, free Internet Security, Malware, Virus Protection, Detect Virus, Spyware

Main Aspects of Microsoft Security Essentials:

Real-Time Protection:

Real-time protection uses new technology that helps to find potential threats before entering into the computer. Moreover, it alerts you when spyware, malware, and other suspicious files try to install on your PC and virus affected files are prevented from opening.

Online System Scanning and Cleaning:

Moreover, Microsoft Security Essentials has capable of scanning the whole computer with scheduled and on demanding to scan when the PC is idle for the scheduled time.

Windows Firewall Integration:

Windows Firewall helps you to protect and secure your PC from various types of files. During setup, Microsoft essentials scan the PC whether the firewall is active. If there is no protection for firewall, it asks the user to on the firewall option which may secure the computer from various threats.

Quick Scan:

Microsoft Security Essentials scans the entire system within few seconds and finds any virus affecting files and wipe them easily as well as quickly.

Full System Scan:

Whereas, Microsoft Security Essentials is free virus protection software that scans the full system and cleans the registry, cache, history and running programs which are affected by the virus.

Custom Scan:

In fact, Microsoft Security Essentials you can select which drive you need to scan and also select the scheduled time to scan the system.


Microsoft Security Essentials 2017, free Internet Security, Malware, Virus Protection, Detect Virus, Spyware

Microsoft Security Essentials Pros and Cons:

Microsoft Security Essentials Pros:

Fast Scan and Efficient.
Full Protected.

Microsoft Security Essentials Cons:

Low detection rate malware cleanup.
Windows XP not support.

System Requirements for Microsoft Security Essentials:

Operating System: Windows 7/Vista.

RAM: At least 512 MB.

Processor: Intel Pentium 1.0 GHz

Internal Memory: At least 200 MB.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows:

Click on the below link to download Microsoft Security Essentials 2017. This is the free antivirus Protection Software for any windows operating system. It is easy and free to set up.

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  1. HI all of you,
    if the Microsoft security (windows defender) is enough for the computer’s to keep the virus why the spyware, Trojan and anti-virus program are developed and become very essential for the pc’s.

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