Panda USB Vaccine Antimalware Download

Download the free Panda USB Vaccine for Windows to block the malwares spreading through USB devices on your Computer. It is a best antimalware suite that protects all your USB devices and runs safely on PC.

Panda USB Vaccine Overview:

Panda USB Vaccine is a free USB security tool developed by Panda Research that protects your Computer and flash storage drives from autorun viruses. Download the free Panda USB Vaccine tool for Windows Operating system that blocks the virus from spreading and also prevents malware infections. Nowadays the malware is increasing and one of the most dangerous is Conficker worm that spreads through removable devices. Like USB, memory sticks, MP3 players, digital cameras etc. So these malicious codes modify the AutoRun.inf file on the devices and spreads when inserted into the PC. It is mainly designed to vaccinate both the PC and USB device to prevent the virus from spreading.

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The program does not remove the malwares but blocks them from spreading through the Computer and can harm your network or applications. It offers a dual layer of preventive protection that lets you disable the Autorun file on Computers, USB device and also on other removable storage devices. The application vaccine the computer and USB devices, and disable the Autorun file from reading, modifying and replacing malicious codes. It can also use on individual USB drives to disable the Autorun file from spreading or executing any malicious file stored. The program interface is not so complex with two buttons to handle as to choose to vaccinate computer or USB drive. It works on FAT and FAT32 USB drives.

 Panda USB Vaccine Free Download Features:

  • Whereas, it is free and easy to use
  • Vaccinate Computer and USB drives
  • Prevents or Blocks the malwares from spreading
  • Disable Autorun viruses from spreading
  • Works in FAT and FAT32 drives
  • Offers dual layer of preventive protection
  • Works on other removable storage devices

Panda USB Vaccine System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista and 7
  • At least 512MB RAM
  • 133MHz processor speed or higher
  • 844KB file size
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