Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows 10/8/7 Latest Version

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows is a disk management tool that helps non-technicians to maintain their PC and secure their data conveniently. The best utility for Windows offers four essential tools that are Partition Manager, Backup & Recovery, Drive Copy, and Disk Wiper. Besides that, Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 also offers a few additional tools like boot manager, log saver, etc.

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Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows User Interface:

Paragon Hard Disk Manager makes it convenient for users by providing shortcuts for all the tools on the user interface. The software improved the appearance in the latest version and added some new features while retaining all the previous features. It divided and categorized and all the tools into four menus so that the users can easily find the required tools in their respective menus. Users can also shift to the expert mode, which presents all the tools on a single page. You can also easily access your backups and activity log by using the options at the bottom of the interface.

4 Tools of Paragon Hard Disk Manager for PC:

Paragon Backup & Recovery:

You do not need to install a separate backup software for Windows, as the disk manager suite provides a reliable and easy to use backup tool. As you manage your hard disk, it is necessary to back up your important data in case something went wrong during the disk management. Though the software performs all the tasks quickly and safely, there are chances of losing your data due to sudden power loss and other unexpected issues. Therefore, it is safe to backup your data before performing any action by using the backup tool included with Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite. 

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows Images, Paragon Hard Disk Manager Pictures, Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows Screenshots, Paragon Hard Disk Manager Photos, Disk Management Tool

You can choose to backup specific files, folders, or entire hard disk. The disk management tool allows you to save your data to a removable drive or a CD, DVD, Blu-ray disk. You can also save your backup as an ISO file, and burn it to a CD/DVD later. Furthermore, Paragon Disk Manager allows you to schedule the backups for one time or repeat it weekly, monthly, or daily basis. You can further secure the backup files with a password to ensure the safety of your valuable data.

Paragon Drive Copy:

Most users encounter difficulties while trying to move/transfer their entire data from their old PC to a new one. It is risky to move large files as there are chances of losing your complete or partial data due to unexpected reasons. Therefore, you can download the Paragon Hard Disk Manager and use the Drive Copy tool to migrate your entire hard disk quickly and safely. As the software also offers a backup tool, it is wise to backup complete hard disk before migrating to assure the safety of your files. 

Moreover, the Paragon Drive Copy tool clones your entire hard disk, including Windows OS and installed applications. Therefore, you do not need to reinstall Windows and all other programs after the migration, which will save you lots of time and effort. You can even clone your Operating System to a pen drive and use it on other computers. The disk management tool also lets you manage the hard disk by splitting and merging partitions before migrating or cloning your hard drive. You can further exclude unnecessary files, folders, and partitions from copying.

Paragon Disk Wiper:

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows offers a useful tool to secure your valuable data from getting into the wrong hands by deleting it permanently. For example, most people use a pen drive to share confidential data and later delete it from the pen drive, thinking that the data is lost permanently. But it is still possible to retrieve the deleted files easily by using recovery tools for Windows. Therefore, you can use Paragon Disk Wiper that applies several techniques to erase the data permanently, making it impossible to restore/retrieve. 

Wiping your data is also useful when selling your used device, or lending it to a friend, or handing it to a repair center. The program lets you choose from different wiping algorithms like Peter Gutmann’s algorithm, Bruce Scheiner’s algorithm, Paragon’s algorithm, US Navy NAVSO algorithm, and six more military-grade algorithms. You can wipe selected files, folders, or the entire drive. The Paragon Disk Wiper tool can also securely erase/wipe data permanently from memory cards, pen drives, mobile phones, re-writable discs, digital cameras, and all other removable devices.

Paragon Partition Manager:

The Partition Manager by Paragon, allows users to manage and optimize their hard disk drive. You can easily create new partitions or redistribute free space from one drive partition to another. It also lets users format, resize, and delete partitions. By clicking on the Partition Manager tab, you will get complete details of the selected partition, such as file system, NTFS version, volume size, used size, free space, number of sectors, partition ID, type, etc.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows Images, Paragon Hard Disk Manager Pictures, Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows Screenshots, Paragon Hard Disk Manager Photos, Disk Management Tool

Moreover, the software also allows you to merge partitions and recover accidentally deleted partitions. The software is also able to find and edit bad sectors from the disk. You can also perform basic actions, such as change the drive letter, hide partition, expand, resize, convert to logical, and more.

System Requirements for Paragon Hard Disk Manager Latest Version:

The Latest Version of the Hard Disk Manager by Paragon Software offers powerful utilities while using minimum system resources. Though it does not support older versions of Windows like Windows XP and Vista, it runs fine on Windows 7 and later versions even with low specifications.

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7 (32&64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 256 MB Memory
  • Hard Disk: 1 GB of free disk space

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Conclusion of Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows 10/8/7:

In Conclusion, Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows is a reliable disk management tool that helps users to manage their hard disk with the help of powerful tools. The suite contains four major utilities that are Backup & Recovery, Partition Manager, Drive Copy, and Disk Wiper. It helps you manage disk space, erases confidential data, migrates data and software to new PC, and backup your valuable data. It has a well-organized user interface, and it is also easy to use the tools even for non-technicians. You can get Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows 10/8/7 (32/64-Bit) by using the link given below.

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