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Last Updated: 18th May 2018

PC Inspector File Recovery Overview:

PC Inspector File Recovery software helps the users to retrieve or recover the deleted files, data or lost drives that support FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems under Windows OS. It has a special function to recover files even if there no longer header entry available.

Recover Deleted Files Free, Screenshots, File Recovery Images

If we Delete the file accidentally then, no need to worry about the lost file because you can recover it from the recycle bin. But if you press SHIFT+DEL button, then the file deletes permanently and can’t restore back easily. At this time, you need the best file recovery software for restoring the lost files. And one such software is PC Inspector File Recovery software. With this software, you can effortlessly recover back all the files which deleted permanently from your PC.
What so ever the circumstance is, we can recover the lost file using the PC Inspector File Recovery Software. This software can also apply to the below following situations:
1. Accidental Disk Formatting
2. Deleted and Damaged Files
3. Virus Infected Disks.

Key Features of PC Inspector File Recovery:

  • Partitions are automatically recovered even if there is damaged or Erased Boot system or FAT system.
  • Data can recover with Original date and Time with free data recovery program.
  • The special recover function feature supports all data formats ARF, AVI, BMP, CDR, DOC, DXF, DBF, XLS, GIF, EXE, HLP, HTML, JPG, LZH, MID, MOV, MP3, PDF, PNG, RTF, TAR, TIF, WAV, and ZIP.
  • Save Recovered files on the network drive is been supported.

Recover Deleted Files Free, Screenshots, File Recovery Images

PC Inspector File Recovery Reviews:

  • This software will require less storage space than many other programs that come with the section Software utilities.
  • Mostly and commonly used in countries such as Indonesia, United States, and India.
  • At the time of recovery process, the checking process will be completed in the short time period, while a scanning task takes minutes or hours, depending on the size of the drive and the number of files available in it.

PC Inspector File Recovery Pros and Cons:

  • Decent with the User-friendly interface
  • Supports a wide range of file data formats


  • Some files may be beyond recovery.
  • It takes more hours than expected time.

Last but not the least, to recover your files deleted by mistake without paying anything PC File Inspector Recovery is the program offers you good results and effectiveness and it is totally free to download.

Click the below-mentioned download button to download the PC Inspector File Recovery on your Windows PC.

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