Top 5 Best Free Messenger Apps for Windows 7/10

Messaging Apps is also known as the messengers that can use for chatting, sending text, images, videos, and sound to others. The messaging apps are quite familiar and popular for mobile users to chat and communicate with others very easily. But nowadays, the free messenger application is also available for Windows PC with more advanced features. Each messenger application has different features from one another. Almost all the popular messengers are free and can be download more than one application on your PC.

There are various IM, email, and social networking applications that features a wide range of instant messaging applications. Instant messaging applications are more convenient for quick and easy communication and also more secure than SMS text messaging. These messengers tools offer various features to chat with friends, voice or video chat, save, download or print your conversation, send or receive files, encrypt messages, access different chat rooms, PC to PC voice calls, send messages to mobile, and many more. Additionally, it also supports MSN, Yahoo, G-Talk, Facebook, Skype, AIM, etc. where you can get message alerts in your email inbox.

We are introducing the top 5 best messenger apps around the world for Windows PC, which mostly used by the users.

Top 5 Best Free Messenger Apps:

Pidgin Messenger App:

Pidgin Windows, Pidgin Download, Pidgin 2.11.0, Pidgin Image.

Pidgin is a free and open-source messenger application for Windows PC that supports AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo, IRC, MSN, ICQ, Jabber, and several other IM network. It uses the GTK toolkit on Windows OS that looks different from other Windows applications, in terms of design and user interface. The main feature includes a chat network where you can chat with many friends, send away messages, transfer files, use icons, and typing notifications. You can log in to multiple chat networks and chat, talk, send messages, and more simultaneously. It is a multi-client messenger application that focuses only on chat, as well as, can use on other platforms.

Download Pidgin

Yahoo Messenger:

Yahoo Messenger App, Yahoo Messenger Download, Yahoo Messenger Image, Yahoo Messenger Windows.

Yahoo Messenger is a free service for Windows PC that allows you to send instant messages to friends online as well as offline. It notifies you when a new mail comes in your Yahoo Mail account. You can easily chat, make voice and video calls, send and receive files, and many more within this application. There is firewall support for privacy protection, a standby mode that minimizes the program until an Internet connection is made, and also can save and print your conversations. There are various themes and a voice chat feature to talk for free to anyone over the Internet.

Download Yahoo Messenger

Nimbuzz Messenger:

Nimbuzz Messenger PC, Nimbuzz, Nimbuzz Messenger App, Nimbuzz Messenger Windows, Nimbuzz Messenger Image, Nimbuzz Messenger Download.

Nimbuzz Messenger is a free instant messenger application for Windows PC that lets you chat and make calls to your friends. You can make free video calls, voice calls, send chat messages, etc. using Nimbuzz application. It lets you chat with your friends on Nimbuzz, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, and G-talk for free. You can easily share files also on PC across other PCs and mobile devices messenger applications. Its Nimbuzz out feature can be used for making calls on landline and mobile phones without having any Nimbuzz application.

Download Nimbuzz Messenger PC

Instantbird App:

Instantbird App, Instantbird Messender, Instantbird Download, Instantbird Image.

Instantbird is a free instant messaging program client from Mozilla. It has a simple user interface with fewer options and several customization options, including incoming message behavior, sounds, icons, fonts, colors, and more. With Instantbird, you can easily connect to friends on AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, IRC, XMPP, and can update, chat, send or receive files with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. It is easy to use and can be shareable on various social media sites.

Download Instantbird

Miranda Messenger App:

Miranda IM messenger, Miranda IM App, Miranda Download, Miranda IM Image.

Miranda IM is a free and open-source multi-protocol instant messenger client for Microsoft Windows. Moreover, this best messenger application does not require installation and uses fewer resources. With Miranda, you can chat with friends free on MSN, AIM, ICQ, Tlen, Yahoo, and Jabber messaging application. It features a plugin-based framework and has more than 350 plug-ins for customizing the features and add new features. The application is fully customizable, as well as the add-on section has numerous skins, themes, and interface modules.

Download Miranda IM

System Requirements For Messenger Apps:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (both 32-Bit and 64-Bit)

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