Top 5 Free Speed Internet Browsers Download For Windows

Last Updated: 14/4/2018

Top 5 Internet Browser For Windows:

Internet Browsers are the software application helps to access the internet search for, reach and explore websites. It’s a platform that translates the HTML and allows us to view, save and share texts, image-sand videos easily on World Wide Web. Without an internet browser, we cannot access the Internet. Whereas, the internet browsers in 2018 are fully functional that can translate and display HTML web pages, applications, javascript, AJAX and various other contents hosted on web-server. From the first web browser Mosaic, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator etc, the browsers now are more powerful in security, privacy as well as navigation. Windows OS has integrated Internet Explorer and the latest Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 Operating system.

Choosing an Internet browser for Windows is not a difficult task but a top browser must have some quality like speed, simplicity, compatibility, security and also support. Here, are some of the top 5 speed Internet browsers for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

1. Google Chrome:

Google Chrome Windows, Google Chrome Internet Browser, Google Chrome Download, Google Chrome Image, Google Chrome 32 bit.

Google Chrome is the most powerful and also a popular Internet browser for Windows PC since its release in 2008. It’s free and includes the best security features, privacy protection, adaptable and also usable on other platforms. The browser has a built-in support for HTML5 and JavaScript engine that makes it more powerful for navigating web-pages. It has built-in malware and phishing protection that keeps you safe and secure over the web. The Incognito mode feature where you can browse anonymously and share privately. Google Chrome is fully customizable where you can modify the settings, add apps and extensions, and also themes from Chrome web store.

System Requirements for Google Chrome Internet Browser:

Windows 1032-bit/Windows 8.1 32-bit/Windows 8 32-bit/Windows 7 32-bit

Download Google Chrome Browser

2. Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox 49, Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser, Mozilla Firefox Image, Mozilla Firefox Download, Mozilla, Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox 49.0.1 is undoubtedly the topmost free and open source internet browser for Windows PC developed by Google. It comes with Do Not Track, Private Browsing mode, Forget button to get a site out of history, Synchronization etc. There are several themes, add-ons and a bar that makes Mozilla Firefox fully customizable. Mozilla Firefox is based on Gecko web browser engine and HTML5 for better search and navigation over the Internet. There are more features like tabbed browsing, spell checker, integrated search bar, pop-up blocker and many more. Its automated update system provides updates in Windows whenever security update is available over the Internet.

System Requirements for Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser:

Windows XP 32-bit / Vista 32-bit/ Windows 7 32-bit/ XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 32-bit/ Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 32-bit/ Windows 10 64-bit

Download Mozilla Firefox 49.0.1 Browser

3. Opera Browser:

Opera Browser, Opera Internet Browser, Opera Image, Opera Windows, Opera Image.

Opera Browser is one of the oldest and innovative internet browsers for Windows PC that runs on Google Chromium system. The latest version of Opera 10 is a free download, easy to setup and also startup with a minimalist interface. It features speed dial page where you can access your favourite pages using a pre-configured dial-up pad, Opera link service used for synchronizing speed dials, bookmarks, history, notes and searches, Built-in e-mail chat and more. The Opera Turbo works on slow connections to boost the browsing speed using Opera proxy servers. Its best security features include malware and phishing protection that checks the websites and advanced encryption method for secure data deletion.

System Requirements for Opera Internet Browser (Windows):

Windows XP 32-bit / Vista 32-bit/ Windows 7 32-bit/ XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 32-bit/ Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 32-bit/ Windows 10 64-bit

Free and built-in VPN in Opera browser Overview

Download Opera Internet Browser

4. Safari Browser:

Safari, Safari For Windows, Safari Browser Download, Safari Browser Image.

Safari Browser is developed by Apple which is a lightweight and sleek internet browser for iOS devices but also compatible with Windows PC. The page load time is fast and provides all the security features for fast and easy browsing over the Internet. Safari 5.1.7 browser is still available to download for Windows PC. It features a Search Snap-back for better search results, URL path navigation to view and navigate through various levels of nested Safari, Web Inspector inspects the HTML and CSS elements from the browser. The activity windows let you view the images, pages and scripts downloading at the background while you are browsing, Inline dictionary helps to define words, Quick notes, E-mail page link and much more.

The best feature of Safari is the Reader button on the right side of the search bar. It allows you to cut all the advertisements and visual distractions in an article and just read.

System Requirements for Safari Internet Browser (Windows):

Windows XP 32-bit / Vista 32-bit/ Windows 7 32-bit/ XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit

Download Safari Browser

5. Maxthon Browser:

Maxthon Browser Download, Maxthon Browser Image, Maxthon Internet Browser.

Maxthon Browser 5.2.1 known as Maxthon Cloud browser a freeware web browser developed by Maxthon Ltd for Windows PC. It lets you quickly & easily navigate the web pages through mouse gesture which is a handy web browser. The magic fill helps to fill the username and password, Multi-search for searching on several search engines. It can also feature Ad-hunter to block the ads and many more. The enabled cloud sync option on Maxthon passport member encrypts and sync the bookmarks to access on other devices. Its browsing speed is good with the anti-freezing technology that improves the web page loading much faster. The layout is similar to Internet Explorer that makes it user-friendly and easily customizable.

System Requirements for Maxthon Browser Internet Browser:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 & 64-bit)

Download Maxthon Browser

Conclusion: Hope you like the top five free Internet browsers for Windows PC. As well as, number of browsers also available for the convenience of users to offer better browsing features. Now Microsoft Edge is the new internet browser replaced Internet Explorer on Windows 10 OS. It is fast, easy to use for pleasant browsing experience. These top free browsers can be more effective and enhance your browsing experience on Windows desktop PCs or other devices.

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