Torch Browser Latest Version 2019 Free Download for Windows 10

Torch Browser 2019 is a chromium-based internet browser that has several built-in features and internet tools for browsing, searching and downloading media files. The Torch Browser latest version is free to download for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10  that comes with some improved features. Being Chrome-based, it offers you a fast browsing experience with accurate search results. Like most of the web-browsers, this web browser provides secure browsing as well as protects you from viruses, malware or malicious websites. Moreover, it includes built-in media grabber and customizable interface that makes it a reliable internet browser where you can search, play, download and share media files. So, download the latest version of Torch Web Browser 2019 for your Windows PC, lets you make your web browsing private and secure.

Torch Browser Free Download – The Most Customizable and Easy to Use Web Browser:

Torch Browser 2019 for Windows has an intuitive interface with easy to use options for faster and secure browsing experience. It includes a built-in torrent download manager with built-in torrent capabilities to use and manage your torrent download tasks directly from the browser without downloading additional software. This browser has the media grabber which lets you download and save videos & audios in a single click. In this, you can search for videos and movies, also save the web videos from any website. Besides, the video grabber is embedded into the browser and supports several file formats, the web-video can be grab and saved without using any external programs, converters or extensions. This best web browser has a share button which allows you to share videos, songs and search results with your friends on Facebook. Hola launcher makes your browsing secure and anonymous by bypassing the restrictions to access the censored web-pages. Furthermore, the best browser has download accelerator which can speed up the download rate of the media files when you download videos, applications and other things from the web.

Torch Browser images, Torch Browser screenshot, Torch Browser v45.0.0.11172 Download imagesThe latest version Torch Web Browser allows you to check to browse history, create bookmarks. And, it has the private browsing mode called icognito mode for navigating on the Internet without leaving any traces. There is a Torch facelift that can use for customizing the Facebook account by applying themes, pictures etc. In addition to more entertainment, there are lots of free games in Torch games that can be directly played without downloading. Moreover, Torch music offers free unlimited music and a Torch player that plays the video files. Overall, a feature-packed web-browser with built-in media features and other buttons for better browsing experience. So, download the free Torch Browser latest version for Windows 10 because it is an all-in-one approach that fulfills your browsing needs.

Torch Web Browser 2019 Latest Version for Windows Features:

  • One of the best free Chrome-based web-browser which provides secure and private browsing.
  • Moreover, the free web browser has the torrent download manager which helps you to download torrents directly from the browser without installing any other application.
  • Moreover, the secure web browser includes video grabber which helps you to grabs the videos from different websites and saves on your computer.
  • The latest version Torch Browser has Customizable and easy to use interface which provides a user-friendly environment.
  • Furthermore, this web browser includes the private browsing mode to browse the web privately and securely without knowing to others.
  • Also, it has a built-in download accelerator which allows you to download applications, programs, and videos with fast speed.
  • Besides, you can share media files on Facebook by using the sharing button.
  • Furthermore, torch music allows you to watch and enjoy favorite music on your computer at any time without distractions.

Torch Browser 2019 System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows  XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10( Both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM or more
  • HDD: at least, 100MB hard disk space
  • CPU: 500MHz processor speed

Torch Browser for Windows Conclusion:

Therefore, Torch Web Browser 2019 is the best, secure and easy to use a web browser which offers fast, secure and private browsing. This simple web browser has many features media grabber, download accelerator, share button, private browsing mode, torent downloaded and many other. Download free Torch Browser 2019 those who to surf the web securely, ananymously and fastly.

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