Windows 10 1903 Update Causing System Freezes and Restart Problems

Let’s discuss Windows 10 1903 Update (Codename 19H1) causing system freezes and sudden restarts problems.

Windows 10 is the most used operating system developed by the Tech Giant Microsoft. Millions of users all across the world are using this modern Windows version. Many Microsoft Windows users are shifting from Windows 7 Operating System to Windows 10 because this older version is going to expire soon. That is the reason why many advanced features and updates are injecting to this top Windows edition. With Microsoft’s monthly updates, Windows 10 is fixing any bugs and security patches to avoid inconsistencies while users are using on their devices. But even though the updates are released by the top software company, and it is a most used Windows version, the users are coming across many problems. Windows 10 1903 Update is causing sudden freezing and restarting of the user’s computer.

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Windows 10 1903 Update (May Update) Leads to Freezes/Restart Issues:

Windows 10 1903, Codename 19H1 is the Windows 10 May Update, that includes many improvements and new features such as device light theme across the Windows Start Menu, Windows Taskbar, and Action Center. At the same time, it also provides the Sandbox method to run unknown and malicious applications in the virtual environment to secure the PC. Moreover, you come across the latest updated search without Windows 10 Cortana. By this new update, Windows 10 automatically identify and remove the errors. Like this, it includes many updated features in this Windows 10 1903 Update. But according to some users, this update is causing various system-related problems like restarting, freezing, and crashing.

Though the users are experiencing this issue, Microsoft has not given any response about this update’s problem. Moreover, there is no particular evidence that the error is causing due to this May update or not. But, the users who updated with Windows 10 1903 are coming across this issue.

Apart from that, they are also engaging with Error Code 0x80073701 when the users are trying to install Windows 10 August Updates. The update with the bearing code KB4512508 is unable to install on those computers that installed this Windows 10 1903 update.

A single bug in this update will turn the computer to reboot or crash without any warning signs. We have to use the manual recovery process when the system gets crashed or rebooted. Most of the users are waiting for the solution from Microsoft to fix this bug.

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