WiseCleaner Wise Duplicate Finder Download Free for Windows

WiseCleaner Wise Duplicate Finder is used to detect and remove the twin or double or same or duplicate files from your desktop computer. This free duplicate file finder helps in freeing up the memory space of your hard drives. At the same time, the user can make their devices to run with optimum speed. In case, if the user wants to enhance or optimize their devices by deleting the duplicate files, then they click the download button at the bottom of this content to start the downloading process. This free duplicate file finder is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Also, the duplicate file finder for Windows is available for both the 32-Bit and 64-Bit processor.

Introduction of Wise Duplicate Finder Free Download:

In the present days, the user stores almost all the files on to their PCs for future use. The files may of any type such as pictures, videos, audio files, word documents, PDFs, and many more. Sometimes, the user saves the same files more than once without his/her knowledge. If the file size is less, then the duplicate files also occupy very low memory space but, if the file size is in GBs, then the hard drive becomes full with these duplicate files. At this time, the user’s need duplicate file finder software for identifying and removing the same or twin files on their PCs. And this Wise Duplicate Finder is considered the best choice for all those users. You can also download the Glary Duplicate Cleaner 5.0.1 Free Download Latest Version for Windows 10.

The user interface of this Wise Duplicate Finder allows all the users to work very easily. When compared with other duplicate file finder tools, this software will consume very low system resources so that, it’s not a big problem to arrange the required resources. Based on the file name, file size, file content, date of creation, modification, and other parameters only, this duplicate finder can detect the double files. The software includes three simple steps in identifying and removing the double files. First, the user needs to select the location for searching the twin files such as C or D or E drives or any others. After that, you have to choose the search type that matches the files according to the name or size or any other. Next, you can press the scan button to start the scanning process. After that, it lists out all the duplicate files on the wizard. You can select the file one-by-one or else delete all the files at once by clicking the delete files button. Thus, you can remove all the duplicate files from the selected location.

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Advanced Features of Wise Duplicate Finder for Windows PC:

  • The Wise Duplicate Finder is designed in such a way that, the user can easily, and effortless identifies the duplicate photos, music, movies, documents, and various other files on their computers. Interested to visit, AllDup Duplicate File Remover Download Free for Windows PC.
  • The main advantage of this software is cleaning up the hard drive and increasing the free memory space on your PC.
  • Moreover, the Wise Duplicate Finder helps in detecting the empty files or zero files which are created after deleting the duplicate files. By this, you can also remove these empty files.
  • This software allows the user to remove the files both in a manual or automatic manner. If the duplicate files size is very large, then it’s better to go with the automatic deletion process.
  • Sometimes, the user can remove important files accidentally from the PC. At this time, they need not worry because the Wise Duplicate Finder consists of backup and restore functionality. With this, it backs up and restores all the files back to your computer.
  • You can optimize the performance of the computer by removing all these duplicate files from the PC. 

Wise Duplicate Finder System Specifications:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-Bit).
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 233 MHz CPU or Faster
  • RAM: 128 MB or Above
  • Hard-disk: 10 MB of free space
  • Developer: WiseCleaner

Click the below-provided download button to download the WiseCleaner Wise Duplicate Finder on your Windows PCs.

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